Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Behind the scenes

Just shot Fall/Winter 2014 with Joe this week!  He took some amazing photos!  Excited to show you the pieces, but not for a little while!  The Collection will launch in August!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Longest days

Just sitting here designing new pieces and enjoying the long day.  Been hectic lately, but the evening light is always so serene.  These are my favourite days of the year... when it's light after 9pm!  Also, love how crazy beautiful sunsets often follow days of heavy storms.  That's all.  Just had to say that.  Ok, bye!  Back to the jewels.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Warm up to Summer

I love Spring and Summer.  I'm really meant to live somewhere that is warm all of the time.  So, I can't get enough of this time of year.  Here is a huge series of photos taken over this Spring.  Seemed like the cold weather would not go away... and now mid-June, the days are finally longer and warmer.  I know, another person talking about the weather... again?  Yes.  It was driving me batty so I am so gloriously happy to see the sun and green grass again! As I scrolled through these photos, I re-lived the warm up.  Here are my Spring snap shots!
 Finally ditched the boots!  Bracelets include Luminous Bracelet, Jeweled Bracelet, Mega Bracelet.
 A visit to City of Craft.
 Little porcelain tumbler from rcboisjoli.
Guac and a hamburguesa from Grand Electric.  Yum.  Bette than the regular ol' burger.
 Storm clouds rolling over a patio afternoon.
 Pineapple everything!

 Pastel polishes.
 Fun with floral nail art.
 Luminous Bracelet in the kitchen at A.'s house.
 She sure whips up a good feast!
 J. Mo's reflective Pierre Hardy high tops.  Coolest pic.
 May 2-4 wrap up with cocktails and cozy fire.
 Love all the Spring flowers.
 Excursion to Bakerbots with Avril.
Ice cream sammies!
And bracelets!  Left - Jeweled Bracelet, Right Connection Bracelet.
 Then we continued our chat over drinks.
 Lovely strolls and pretty evening light.
 HTO Beach at sundown.
 Cherry blossoms at Robarts Library.
 Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market.  
 BBQ with friends.
 Dreamy sunsets.
 Long city walks to enjoy the balmy humid day.
 Creating with tiny beads.
 At the TFC game.
 Favourite combo lately.  Connection Bracelet with little bracelet sets that we'll have available soon!
With my haul at the More Than Just a Yardage Sale at the Textile Museum.
 Patio lunch with Avril.
 Still relishing these gorgeous blooms!  Sigh...
 Earrings making binge.
 Nails coincidentally matched cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar.
 Baby cacti at Crown Flora.
Their amazing back wall.  The Crown Flora boys will be leaving this location soon for bigger and better.  Hope the next occupant keeps this wall as is!
 Fat Pasha to celebrate Anita's birthday.
 Who needs birthday cake when you have a whole cauliflower?
 Oil change?  Haha!
Dundas West Fest with S.F.  We loved this street festival.  The weather was perfect, the vibe so great. Live music all about.  Icy cold patio drinks in the sunshine. 
 Tasty food to sample everywhere.  Can't wait for next year!  Love me a good street fest!
 Fundraiser in the country.  Great effort in support of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.
Corner of my home.  Lemons painted in university... letter M from childhood bookshelf... ceramic tiles from Xenia Taler picked up years ago at the DUDE show.
 More evening walks.
 Concrete beach at the Luminato Festival hub.
 Great set up at the licensed and enclosed hub this year.
Late night catch up with G.
 Supply shopping.
 Pit stop to carb load.
Warm red/pink hues and the Mega Bracelet again!

Currently gearing up the Fall/Winter Collection, but with Summer still a couple days away, we'll be savouring the sunny days and warm nights.

Almost caught up on blogging, especially with this photo heavy post!  It's been fun to put words together in sentences again!  Be back soon with more!




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