Thursday, November 9, 2017

Plume Collection

This is the Plume Collection. I love the hard/soft juxtaposition with the solid brass chain combined with tactile tassels. The Necklace and Bracelet were both made with a smooth sliding closure to adjust to your desired length. Each style comes in the 3 colour choices.

(Photography by Joseph Saraceno.)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

MoonRox Collection for Fall/Winter 2017

Very excited to debut the new MoonRox Collection for Fall/Winter 2017! The website has been updated with 75 new pieces for the season. Hope you will take a moment to check out the new arrivals!

This is the Circuit Linked Series. Large clear acrylic loops are complemented by brass chain. I've been playing with circular forms often over the past couple seasons. Love that these pieces are large in size but soft in form and colour.

I'll share more Look Book images in the days ahead!

(Photo credit: Joseph Saraceno.)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Fall in Toronto has been the Summer we never had. It was warm. It was beautiful. I went on endless bike rides. I sat on a patio with friends on as many warm evenings as I could. Sigh, as a warm weather lover, I could get into Fall if it was always like that.
The sunshine made it so much better for me to be productive. Making jewellery in nice bright light is so pleasant. I've also been working on new displays for the One of a Kind Show.
Fall skies are especially lovely.

Snuck away to Collingwood with friends last weekend and I've been playing catch up this whole week. Been busy working hard building up stock during this busy Fall season.

Took a break for some fam time. My sister says this is possibly the greatest photo she has ever taken. I mean, does she think this is better than any photo she has taken of her babies? If this is the case I thought I owed it to her to share it! Haha! Not sure why but we thought this pic of me was so hilarious! We took her little ones trick-or-treating on this chilly Halloween. They are the cutest! Forgot to steal some of their candy haul though!
A few days ago the warm weather finally broke and it turned cold. I turned off the air conditioning and two days later turned on the heat. Seems like Fall is truly upon us now, over a month after its official arrival. Halloween is over and I heard a few Fa-la-las and Christmas jingles already. Feel like I can't wrap my mind around any of this! The big One of a Kind Show is only 3 weeks away! So much to accomplish before then.

Pretty excited to debut the MoonRox Collection for Fall/Winter 2017 tomorrow! All the new arrivals will go live on the website then!

So, I had better get back to work... triple spell-checking before the website update goes live! Another late night is ahead for me!

Until tomorrow...



Monday, October 23, 2017

One of a Kind Show & Sale Christmas 2017 Coupon Code | #OOAKX17

I cant believe it's October 23rd! October has been lovely and warm and like Summer finally showed her face in Toronto after a dreary Summer. I have enjoyed the sunny days and it has sure helped my productivity level! Been planning for the online launch of the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection and well as gearing up for the annual big craft show! The One of a Kind Show starts ONE MONTH TODAY!

If you are looking to plan ahead, grab your tickets early using coupon code EFCNL7 when buying your tix online here.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Desert Day 3

K and I were 7th seed when we played on the tennis team back when we were in high school. We reminisced about donning our tennis whites and marching to the public park near our school for practices at dawn. So with access to tennis courts (in three types of surfaces) we had to relive the old days and give it a go. Super fun that we got to get a few hours of play in on this desert trip! Nevermind that we are passable at best, and no one knows that 7th seed was last seed at our tiny school!
Post tennis mornings were spent poolside at the adults only spa pool that was so nice a calm. Coachella was taking place at the same time that we were in Palm Springs, so it was ideal that there was a place you could find a quiet spot that was sure to be free of party mode. Also, it's such a treat to have a hot tub and steam room steps away. Seriously... this trip was the best.
In the late afternoon we decided to drive around to more of the installations up for DesertX. First up was Phillip K. Smith's "Circle of Land and Sky."

Living in Toronto, we do have some events featuring some large installations. I was thinking of things I have seen at the Winterstations or Nuit Blanche events of years past. I wasn't quite expecting the massive scale and quality execution of many of these installations. Perhaps this is due to availability of large desert spaces or maybe they just have a big budget. After seeing the "I am" installation the night before, my expectations were elevated.
Here is the description of Smith's piece from the DesertX site:

The Circle of Land and Sky defines a reflective space within the desert, composed entirely of the environment’s two most prominent physical characteristics -- land and sky. Formed by 300 geometric reflectors angled at 10 degrees, the artwork directly engages with the Sonoran surrounding and the endless heavens.  As the light shifts and the viewer moves through the installation, land and sky are separated, merged, and displaced, subverting one’s assumed relationship with the desert horizon. At times, the sky is pulled down to the land or the land lifted up to the sky, while the colors of the west may merge with the colors of the east. It is a constantly changing installation that can never be seen the same way twice.

The next one was hard to find. We were looking for Will Boone's "Monument." After a few U-turns, we spotted this black shape not far from the side of the road. It was the entrance to a bunker complete with disclaimer. You might die! Enter at your own risk.
Hmm, what could be down there?
After you climb down the narrow space, you feel the air is instantly cooler and it's such a contrast to the glaring heat above ground amidst the desert sand. As you find your bearings, you encounter a space with a heavy vault door. At the end of the tunnel shaped bunker is a seated figure of JFK.
Here is artist Will Boone's statement:

As a Texan I feel connected to the death of John F Kennedy. I’m not sure if I come from the place where he died or the place that killed him. Like the myths surrounding Elvis, Jesus or UFO’s, Boone sees the figure of JFK as lightening in the ground, bunkered in the very same Atlas Survival Shelter that the then president had in case of nuclear attack. Inside Monument the painted bronze figure is based on that of a hobby-kit, scaled up to heroically Hellenistic proportions. It might be equal part Catholic reliquary or one of the secretive roadside shrines found in the nearby deserts of Mexico, dedicated to the narco-saint Jesus Malverde. Either way it speaks not just to all those things that have been driven underground since the extinguished optimism of the sixties but to those same fears - nuclear attack and the invasion of the other – that have been so vividly resurrected in recent times.

Next up was Doug Aitken's "Mirage," a stunning ranch-style house made entirely of mirrors set in the hills where San Jacinto valley range meets Coachella valley, perched above the city of Palm Springs. For more details and beautiful images, visit the artist's website for this piece.
Here is the blurb on this installation from the DesertX site:

In the tradition of land-art as a reflection of the dreams and aspirations projected onto the America West, Mirage presents a continually changing encounter in which subject and object, inside and outside are in constant flux. The ranch-style structure suggests a latter-day architectural version of manifest destiny, a primary structure rendered by the artist without function service or texture. With every available surface clad in mirror it both absorbs and reflects the landscape around in such ways that the exterior will seemingly disappear just as the interior draws the viewer into a never-ending kaleidoscope of light and reflection. As Mirage pulls the landscape in and reflects it back out, this classic one-story suburban house becomes a framing device, a perceptual echo-chamber endlessly bouncing between the dream of nature as pure uninhabited state and the pursuit of its conquest. For more information please visit:

Took so many photos! It was hard to resist this photogenic gem.
Next we drove off to the Ace Hotel and Swim Club passing this eye-catching Chase building on our way.
In the early evening, we huddled in a booth at the King's Highway Diner at the Ace Hotel for our B-I-N-G-O session. When's the last time you played Bingo? We were disappointed there were no dabbers but this was quickly forgotten once the dynamic hostess with the mostest, Miss Shirley Claire introduced herself! She is in her late 80's and looked like a million bucks and was vibrant as hell! K and I totally want to be her when we grow up.
We left here for a very forgettable meal at a place that made us change tables three times, then served what we deemed "scoop scoop" food. You know when the meal shows up 2 minutes after ordering it as it was scoop scooped out of a big trough with little care. I can't even remember the name, but I guess that doesn't matter! Should have stayed at our spot at the Ace Hotel. Regrets!
They did have a cool bar top at the resto... too bad about the food. 

All in all, Day 3 was another fabulous day that I really loved.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Desert Day 2 Cont'd - "I am" at DesertX

Following a long afternoon nap after our hike and boozy brunch, we raced out at sundown to view one the the contemporary art installations on exhibition for the art event DesertX.  'I am' by Tavares Strachan was vast and impressive. A multitude of cavities in the desert sand were lit by a neon glow. Each cavity was big enough to trip over and some large enough to fall into. It was an incredible sight. Each shape seemed like an abstract form from our vantage point on the ground. From a bird's eye view, it read "I am." 
Here is the artist's statement from the DesertX website:

“I am” is a work that explores the relationship between human beings and their environment. Borrowing from Vedic Philosophy, the phrase “I am” is to identify oneself with the universe and /or ultimate reality. There is a rich history of human beings exploring the desert as place to disconnect and reconnect with questions about who they might be.  As someone born on an island, surrounded by what may be considered beautiful but potentially Hostile Ocean, I personally have understood these vast landscapes as opportunities to re-center and dislocate one’s imagination all at the same time. With the help of a skilled team, I plan to dig 290 craters over 100,000 square feet or the size of two America football fields. Once the holes are mapped and dug into the desert floor, brightly lit neon tubes will align the perimeter of each crater. The viewer will interact with what seems like an abstracted glowing crevasse of light, but if viewed from the sky one will read the exploded phrase “I am.” 

Now if only we had a drone to see the piece from above. Luckily we found some images on social media and online. Check some out here.

That was our fantastic second day in the desert!

Desert Day 2 - Indian Canyon Hiking Trail

Whoops, time has escaped me again! Time for some major catch up on the blogging. Here are some snapshots from our second desert day way back in the spring. On this day, we headed to Indian Canyon Hiking Trail. Luckily I had scored a great deal on a pair of hiking shoes when we popped into an Adidas outlet the day before. You really needed those treads on this dry desert grit.
Loved these hair palm trees. They reminded me of Muppets and just needed a pair of eyes to come alive. Felt like we had company at all times! Maybe it wasn't the anthropomorphic trees and it was the rattlesnakes... My friend covered her vital organs as i tried not to see them and we skedaddled by as quickly as possible!
I loved this hike. The terrain was so different than what we are used to in Southern Ontario, but my friends told me this was nothing... there are much more scenic trails. As I had joined this trip having done no research whatsoever, I just took their word for it and looked forward to our next outing.
We rewarded ourselves post-hike with an amazing long leisurely brunch, delectable cocktails and bottomless mimosas! The best meal we had on this trip!
They were not joking when they said bottomless. Our mimosa glasses were refilled quicker than most restaurants refill water glasses. So good! Needless to say a big afternoon nap was in order!


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