Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We are in full-on show prep mode around these parts.  This is always a manic time of year! But we didn't forget Hallowe'en!  Here are some fun pictures taken over the lead-up to today.  Can't believe we are privileged enough to spend relaxing evenings chatting and carving pumpkins when so many, including some dear friends are without water and power in Sandy affected areas.  Hoping for a smooth recovery for everyone in those areas.
We whipped up last minute costumes, as usual. I'm still rather impressed with our super-craftiness.  The sushi costume was really easy to make and lots of fun to wear.
Happy Hallowe'en to all!

Win free tickets to the One of a Kind Show!

Planning on coming to the One of a Kind Show?  The show runs from November 22nd to December 2nd.  We'd love to see you!

We've got some free tickets to give away!  Check out our Facebook page to enter!

The contest entry deadline for the draw for the first pair of tickets ends Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 pm.

Note: Nov. 2/12 -- This contest is now closed.  More giveaways to come!  Check back with us!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay safe

It just started to rain again here in Toronto.  Looks like Hurricane Sandy is going to be quite the doozy. Wishing everyone safety and warmth.  Stay dry!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stalactite Earrings

These are the smaller version of the Stalactite Earrings.  They are light, easy, dainty... and a little bit edgy.  They pretty much go with everything!  Check them out over here!  For the bigger bolder version, go here.

Happy Wednesday afternoon!  Busy day around these parts!  And now back to jewellery making!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pass the wrench

I just love these Handy Necklaces!  Trying hard not to keep one of each for myself!  Hung from a gorgeous brass chain are wee little replica tools.  There are 5 different tools to choose from!  In addition to this Wrench, pick from a Hackett Wrench, Pliers, Scissors and a Screwdriver.  For more details have a look at them in the Shop!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Entwined Bracelet! Fall colours!

The Entwined Series has been a big hit for the past couple seasons.  It all started with this lovely, the Entwined Bracelet.  We've added new pieces to the Entwined Series and always some new colours to choose from too!  Check out the colours that were introduced this season... Charcoal, Forest Green, Orange and Ocean Navy!  For more details, hop over HERE!  Or check 'em out in select stores now.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October days

Here are some photos taken over the past couple weeks.
Sparkly nails, sparkly jewels. 
Crystallized Bracelet and a Tiny Charm Bangle sample.
The array on my dresser after de-jeweling one evening.
A Twinkle Pearl Creme Necklace -- available by special order.
Coffee break and mini donuts with a friend.
Adding Sale items to the Shop.
The resident at emerg drew this.  It's a diagram explaining the parts of my brain that are causing the vertigo.  I think he meant parts of my ear, not brain... He let me keep this masterpiece.
Rain booties bought on eBay.  Bit big... may have to pass them on...
Spent a day café and restaurant hopping with a talented friend.  We were working hard on some new MoonRox related things.
A visit to one of my favourite shops on Queen.  I wish I could spoil myself and buy up armloads of pretty Parisian things in there.
Vegetarian Thanksgiving feast.  We never do the traditional Thanksgiving in my family.  This year we had a veg craving and went to Fresh, and were pleasantly surprised that they offered 40% off to patrons on Thanksgiving Sunday.  So nice!
Thanksgiving Day was spent lounging in the sun with my Sis and W. in High Park...
Followed by a birthday dinner for Aunt L.  Polish feast.  Yum.
Been enjoying mixing some MoonRox new and old with some other pieces I have collected!
From left to right are:  Shine Bracelet (from a few years back), a chain maille find, Crystallized Bracelet, a blingy bracelet from my friends at House of Moda and the Entwined Stalactite Bracelet.
Here's another dresser top shot.  In the foreground are the Stunning Ring (available by special order) and the Scissors from the series of Handy Necklaces.  In the little container are some of my favourite rings and earrings.  Mixed in are a resin and sterling silver ring by Cinelli & Maillet, a House of Moda infinity ring, a AMT "diamond" ring, a ring inherited from my Grandmother, Fancy Pearl Drop Earrings (available by special order) and a crystal encrusted coug.
Dining out after running errands...
Baklava galore.  Some may have come home with us.
A. and I ventured around Bloor St. for LOULOU Magazine's Shop 'Til You Drop. 
The shops were abuzz!  
'Twas a fun evening.  And got me excited about MoonRox being featured in this month's LOULOU Deals all over again!  Don't forget to take advantage!
Made some new pieces that will debut at the One of a Kind Show this November.  These are the scraps... sometimes discards are pretty too.
Sorted the nail polish stash.
Selected these...
and went nuts and did this.
Explored unfamiliar neighbourhoods.
Enjoyed Fall foliage.
Not to be super cheesy, but nature amazes me all the time.  The colours of this leaf pile are all incredible.
Capped off the weekend with a celebration for R.'s birthday with friends.

The past couple weeks have been out of the ordinary.  I have not felt 100% since my vertigo incident so I have not been able to work as much as I would have liked.  I've tried to pretend as if everything was fine and go about my day... but I have had moments of dizziness and have been downright exhausted.  Plus, I have totally missed riding my bike.  Suddenly at 4pm this afternoon, I felt normal again!  I hope this means that life will return to its originally scheduled programming now!  Crossing my fingers that I feel just as good come morning!  This post has taken far too long!  It took ages for the photos to load.  Now it is late!  Off to sleep.  Goodnight friends.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Be back with more this week...



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coupon code for the 2012 One of a Kind Christmas Show!

Start planning for this year's One of a Kind Christmas Show!

Click HERE to purchase your tickets online for only $11!
Our special promo code is ADg7xdd.  Just enter it when making your purchase online.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and showing you what we have been up to here at MoonRox!  We'll have our current Fall/Winter Collection and our Classics Collection on display as well as some special items made only for the One of a Kind Show!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

After a productive day café hopping in the neighbourhood and working on some exciting things with Miss K., I am taking this Saturday night to rest and to catch up on blogging.

To our fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend!




This week I had scary moment... and a visit to the ER... with debilitating vertigo.  I could not move a single centimetre without feeling horrendously dizzy and nauseous.  It felt as if someone had found their way inside my head and was pulling me to the ground from the inside of my ears with all their might.  It is the worse feeling I have ever experienced and rendered me entirely helpless.  Unable to move comfortably, I lowered myself to the floor to a full horizontal sprawl.  I slowly slid across the room to reach upwards from my low position in order to unlock the front door so that help could reach me.  The 12 step distance that may normally take 1.5 seconds to travel took 20 minutes by my slow-glide method.  Crawling would have been too jarring an action.  It was half comical and half pathetic.  My family was so helpful.  A huge thank you to the troops who came to my rescue.  My resourceful sister called Telehealth and conferenced me in.  After a series of questions, they recommended I call 911.  I refused such an extreme measure and decided to taxi to the hospital.  Before we left for the hospital, I felt I was on the upswing and was able to stand up again... though wobbly.  It was diagnosed as benign vertigo or BPPV.  It came out of absolutely nowhere in literally one second.  I was so relieved to eventually improve and am crossing my fingers that I never have to suffer vertigo again.

Now, the reason I am sharing this on this here jewellery blog, is to remind people to have emergency plans in place.  Have telephones and numbers handy.  Make sure someone has a key or access to your home.  In my case, I will now keep water and maybe some meds near floor level should this happen again.  It's been a few days of resting, not getting up to much and I am feeling 95% better.  Not quite ready to drive a car or ride a bike yet though. Getting a little stir crazy, so hoping to be 100% tomorrow.

How 'bout them apples!

A couple weeks ago, I went apple picking with little E, her mom SK and her baby brother who was all cozied up in his stroller.

Rough season for the apple farmers.  The warm balmy weather in the Spring, followed by a frost destroyed so much of the province's crop.  Some lost 80%.  So we were lucky that our favourite fruit picking farm still had a pick-your-own program.  Love a tasty apple fresh off the tree!
The apples were small, but they are absolutely delicious.  This is a blurry photo of the most perfect one we found, gingerly grasped from its solitary hiding spot up near the top of a tree.
Now weeks later, we are still enjoying our haul.  Looking forward to next year!  Maybe wee J will be able to pick with us too!  Thanks to SK and fam!  It was a lovely day, as always!!

Goodies on SALE!

These are some of the items in the SALE section of the MoonRox Online Shop!

From top to bottom are:  Great Friendship Bracelet, Pod Earrings, Tiered Earrings, Tail Earrings, Dew Earrings, Beam Earrings and Ethereal Earrings.  Some of these are the last ones!  Sale is on for a limited time.  

Visit the our website to see more sale items as well as designs for the current Fall/Winter Collection!


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