Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cute as can be

This camera case is by an Etsy seller called Hine based out of Vancouver.  I've always admired these.  I think it's a great idea for a camera case. You can slide your digicam out of the 3D analog felt camera!  Cute!  For more info on this camera case go HERE.
For other items by Hine, go HERE.  Hine is the featured seller on Etsy right now!

June 2/09 -- check out Hine's stop-motion video HERE!

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Than Just a Yardage Sale

This morning the rain did clear and it turned out to be a really nice day... at least so far. I got to the Textile Museum around 10:30 which is later than I would have liked to join the block-long line-up. It was a madhouse! They had and extra tent this year for the yarn and still all the sale spaces were rammed with keen crafty people!
The yarn tent

People doing the "fill a plastic bag with remnants (lots of good stuff) for $2/bag" in the parking lot next to the Museum.  I did not allow myself to do this as I have yet to use up all the goodies that I picked up in other years.

More goods being unloaded from cube vans by volunteers and people taking a break from the mayhem to check out their new purchases.

Now here's some of what I came home with.  I spent about $30.
A chenille blanket! I always wanted one of these and usually they are too colourful.  This one is mostly white with a touch of pink, so it will look fab on by bed!  It's in the wash as I type!

Canadian Beauty
It's a cute little iron in a red case!

I also got a few books -- 3 from the Make it Yourself series and...
'Traditional Favorites' from the Life series which will go perfectly with...

I'm not sure how many I am missing, but I am always on the lookout for more.  They all have the most amazing fabric covers and great pictures and diagrams inside.

I also picked up a little bit of fabric and a couple pieces of trim!  Now I must put it all to good use!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hope the rainy weather goes away... that I can enjoy a nice morning at the Textile Museum's More Than Just a Yardage Sale.  I think this is the 14th year and I have probably only missed one in the last 10 years or more.  It starts tomorrow at 11 am at 55 Centre St, rain or shine.  All the items are donated and the event is run by Museum volunteers to raise proceeds for the Museum.  It's always a good treasure hunt.

This image is from Anita's post on BlogTO for last year's sale.  That's part of the side of my head with sunglasses on top in between the red haired lady (holding an armload of batting) and the lady in plaid.  I told you I go every year!  And in the foreground in green is Davis from Lines by Davis who I have met a few times at the One of a Kind Show.

If I score any good gems, I'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peach and Plum

The kind Etsy seller windowseatbooks just wrote to let me know that she created a treasury on Etsy that features a MoonRox Bakelite Bracelet in peach and plum.  Have a gander at her selections HERE!  I think the MoonRox bracelet fits in with the colours and choices beautifully!

For more on the Bakelite Bracelet in peach and plum, go HERE.  To see the green version, go HERE.

Sultry Suds Open House and Studio Sale

Go by and check out the studio.  I love all of the products I have sampled but especially favour the Sultry Citrus Body Lotion, the Frisky Peppermint Soap and the Luscious Lavender Soap.  If you can't make it you can find the Sultry Suds website HERE.

Tuesday evening

'Twas a delightful Tuesday evening.  I dined on ribs (plenty of them) and beans with some delish coleslaw with the God-brother (well, really he is my mom's God-son, but it is so much easier to say God-bro) at Phil's Original BBQ.  It was tasty, but I must say that I am slightly meated out. Below is a photo of the carnage so you can be equally meated out.  I think my sister would love this place.  I'll have to go with her one of these days.

838 College St., Toronto

Thanks to D. for taking me to Phil's!

After eating way too much, I went to a DVD release party for Addicted to Plastic by Ian Connacher.  That is Ian on the screen.  To get a copy of the DVD, go here.
The DVD release was accented by a musical performance by the artists that provided some music for the soundtrack.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A cute Etsy Shop

I have come across drawflowers on Etsy a few times lately.  There are several way too sweet items in this shop based in Italy.  I especially enjoy the lamp shades!  I regret not buying some really great vintage wallpaper at the Trinity Bellwoods Yard Sale two years ago.  Someone had several rolls in a few different patterns and I still think of them often.  I'll have to appreciate these gems by drawflowers instead.

Photos are from

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Token Necklaces

The MoonRox Token Necklaces are perfect for all occasions. They come in a whole bunch of different slogans and sayings and you'll find something for everyone. Here are some images of a few.  The Tokens hang from a brass chain that is 18" long and each comes with semi-precious beads and/or brass charms or small lockets.  For more details, click on the photos or go to the MoonRox Etsy Shop.

Slogans on tokens include:
"A Token of Love"
"Je t'aime"
"I love You"
"Wedding Bells"
"I'll Never Stop Loving You"
"Bon Voyage"
"Good Luck"
"Sweet Sixteen"
"Happy Birthday" (with small space to engrave a note)
"Happy Anniversary" (with small space to engrave a note)
"You Are Always in My Heart"
"A Date to Remember" (with small space to engrave a note)
"Dearest Mother"
"Merry Christmas"


I got these Lemon/Lime and Onion Savers last week at a store called Ma Cuisine on Dalhousie Street in Ottawa when I went to drop off new MoonRox jewellery nearby at Workshop Studio & Boutique.  I've tested the Lime and it has been great.  It has kept my lemon fresh as can be for days already. The pearlescent Red Onion looks quite like the real thing.  Mrs. B. picked up a Tomato which looked just as fantastic as the others.  There are other fab fruits & veggies including a Lemon, a White Onion and a head of Garlic.  They are made by Hutzler.  I wasn't able to find them on their website, but found them for sale on  Not sure why, but they just make me happy!

May 26/09 -- Also found the food savers at Kitchen Stuff Plus

Super Saturday

Yesterday I went to the Christie Antiques Show at the Christie Conservation Area in Dundas, Ontario. I headed out with Aunt L. and my Sister. It was a perfect Spring day for it -- sunny, breezy and not too hot! I love looking for treasures at these shows. Generally, I look for housewares and decor items as I have waaaay too much furniture for this small place as it is. I have a good collection of milk glass items and always like adding to it. I also scope out the antique jewellery for inspiration and ideas. Lots of great finds out there. I came home with some stackable Fire-King milk glass mugs, a hand beater from the 1950's with Bakelite handles and a lovely Pyrex casserole dish.

Here are some pics from our day.

Lots of Mr. Peanuts

An amazing collection. This seller had so many nice items to drool over. Love those striped glasses.
Still drooling -- lots of utensils with Bakelite handles. The red-handled hand beater that came home with me is in the back of the photo piled with some green handled beaters. The next two shots are more images of her huge collection of Bakelite pieces. I especially love the animal napkin rings.

Beautiful cabinet of thread spools. Love all the colours together.

Hand beater with red Bakelite handles

After the antique show I went straight to the joint birthday party for Bunz' 1 and 3 year olds. I missed out on the music and most of the fun but I'm glad I was able to make it. These are the two portraits of Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear that I painted for the biggest Muppet fans I know. These are small 8 x 10" hilarious portraits. I followed that fiesta by celebrating the birthday of J.S. of Sultry Suds with her and her friends. Happy Birthday to S., M. and J.S.!

Long but fun day! I'm happy to be relaxing and puttering around the apartment today.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emerald in May

Emerald is the birthstone for May babies.  Today was a lovely May day.  Warm and sunny and filled with good food and good friends. Check out the Emerald Orbit Ring in the MoonRox Etsy Shop here. The Orbit Ring is available in any size and in lots of other colours.

New goods at Workshop Studio & Boutique

While I was in Ottawa, I got a chance to pop by to visit with the nice folk at Workshop Studio & Boutique as well as re-stock them with a new batch of MoonRox goods. The store is at 242 1/2 Dalhousie Street in the Byward Market area. Their focus is on Canadian design. I recognized a lot of wares by other Toronto designers. Go by and say hello for me!

This Radiate Necklace is an extra special limited edition piece that is at Workshop now!  It is number 2/2.  The other one is sold!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ottawa/Gatineau Visit

I spent the Victoria Day long weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. B and their two little ones in Gatineau.  We scoped out the sites in Ottawa and hung out with the kidlets.  Mrs. B was my roommate in residence in my first year at Western where I studied Visual Arts.  We have made sure to keep in very regular contact through the years despite living in different cities for the last 11.  She and her hubby now have 2 little boys.  I hadn't met the little one before so I was long overdue for a visit with the cuties!  Thanks to the B. family for everything this past weekend!  

Here are some snapshots of some highlights.  Oh!  We saw a black bear standing up at the side of the road near Gatineau Park (which was also across from a mall that included a grocery store) but I didn't get my hands on a camera before we drove by!

Some shots of the remaining blooms at the Tulip Festival.

A sea of tulips

A lonely yellow bloom.

The very successful and very delicious barbeque beer can chicken.  Had to take a photo of the two of them lined up in the barby!

A stunning view at Gatineau Park (Parc de la Gatineau).  We went for a walk/hike on the trail.  It proved to be a bit long for a tyke that is not yet 3.

A mid-trail photo in Gatineau Park

A view of Capitol Hill from the National Gallery of Canada.  Mrs. B. and I spent a lovely afternoon roaming around the Gallery.  The building is really quite nice and there are many notable art works there.

I sneakily took a photo of the $2,000,000.00 Barnett Newman piece, Voice of Fire.

This is the huge 30 foot tall Spider by Louise Bourgeois that sits in front of the National Gallery

View of the Parliament Buildings.

That's the quick view of my 5 day trip.  Five days seemed to fly by so quickly.  I'll have to visit more often!


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