Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just added to the Etsy Shop

Just added to the MoonRox Esty Shop is an ever so sweet pair of Daisy Stud Earrings. The cabochons are vintage plastic from the 60's (maybe cellulose?) and are in perfect condition. I've also got lots of other studs. Check the other earring listings in the Shop or check back. I'll be adding more soon.

More Studs.

Lots of new MoonRox at Mrs. Huizenga

I just got back a few minutes ago from bringing new stock in to Mrs. Huizenga.  Shop owner Catherine carries oodles of vintage gems as well as new and stylish goods -- like MoonRox Jewellery! I spotted some way nice Pyrex bowls with lids in a size and shape that I had never seen before.... May have to go back for those. She also carries the fabulous body care line Sultry Suds and even has some hot sauces in the Shop. Anyhow, head on over and say hello. The store is at 121 Roncesvalles Ave here in Toronto. For more shop details visit the Mrs. Huizenga website.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just listed in the MoonRox Etsy Shop!

I've just added 2 pairs of earrings to the MoonRox Etsy Shop.  There are the Filigree Earrings and the smaller version of the Filigree Earrings.  Check out the listings for more details including measurements.  Other colours/stones are available -- just ask!

These have been the best selling style of earrings lately and they are made using vintage filigree pieces, so they are limited.  Get 'em while they are still available!

Constellation Brooch

I recently made this Constellation Brooch for a custom order. It is a design that I now make to order only. You can choose your colour(s) and decide whether you'd prefer gold or silver coloured wire. If you'd like one, send me a note at info[at]moonrox[dot]ca or convo me at the MoonRox Etsy Shop. I so liked how this particular one turned out that I had to take a photo. Here it is.
Constellation Brooch in Yellow on Gold Wire.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More pom-poms!!

Apparently I am a little bit into pom-poms lately.  Here are some too cool head bands by Yokoo on Etsy.  I do fancy these. Many of Yokoo's other designs are quite excellent as well.   Plus the photos are great. Checkout the awesome "chain" necklace! I've coveted these chains for a while but cannot seem to decide.  

Hmm...  not sure why the photos are so big and ended up cropped, but you can still see most of the items!  Bear with me as I learn how to blog!

Images from

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend whirlwind

This weekend is quickly coming to a close.  I'll have to post quickly as I am soon off to my traditional family dinner with my Aunt L.  It started many years ago with a Sunday dinner where we'd dine at the same time, same restaurant, same table with my grandfather, mom, aunt and sister. In a couple weeks it'll be 5 years since my cute Grandpa passed away, but we have made sure to keep up with Sunday dinners!  

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the colours and sites of the weekend.  It was a weekend that involved organizing, cleaning, making a mess, making new things, making websites, making no food whatsoever, driving around, driving range, visiting the MADE show at the Gladstone Hotel, pizza slices, hot weather and sunshine, bike riding, first real summer-like patio drinks with good friends, cold weather, gale force winds, tumble weeds, fresh salsa and chips, massive thunderstorms and dark skies, lots of capers, Bunz' birthday party, buying a wee BBQ, and some other stuff that I am sure I am forgetting...  ahhh...  Spring is finally here!View from the patio at Amadeus in Kensington Market.

My new green BBQ that looks like a UFO that just landed.  Think it is very much not allowed according to condo rules, but it is too cute!

My chives and peonies are surfacing on the balcony!

Lots of pashmina scarves.  Apparently one can never have enough.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New goods at Heidi-Ho2!

Here is the lovely store front at Heidi-Ho2.  The shop is located at 2591 Yonge St. here in Toronto.  That's on Yonge between Lawrence and Eglinton.  Heidi has the store stocked with lots of cute accessories and clothing.  Drop by if you are in the 'hood.  Here are some snaps of some of the goods I just dropped off.  Get over there and get yourself some!

Huge Rox Hair Pins on a sweet birdy stand

Lots of earrings of all sorts.

Floating Heart Necklaces, Treasure Charm Necklaces and Large Locket Necklaces on a great stand that Heidi's husband Steven built. Go to Front Design see more of Steven's work.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who doesn't love pom-poms?

Even the word "pom-pom" is good...  These super-pretty tissue pom-poms are by PomLove. You can find more here.  I want some to hang over my dining table.  I have lived in my current apartment for 6 and a half years and have not seen a reasonably priced chandelier or lighting option that I like, so perhaps I have to forget about light, and just get some pom-poms!  Now I just need to decide what colours...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Floral Necklace in the Etsy Shop

I've just added a stunning multi-coloured Floral Necklace to the Etsy shop.  It's the style that is featured in this month's Chatelaine Magazine.  If you are looking for the colour combo shown in the magazine, send me a note -- I've got that one too!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

'Twas a lovely weekend

The weather in Toronto was just dee-lightful this weekend. I enjoyed my first picnic of the year on Friday afternoon with Ace and Bunz and her cute fam. We took to the park with a party-sized pizza and enjoyed what was the nicest day so far this year.

This is the front lawn of the Maple Cottage by an alleyway called Memory Lane! How cute is that?
Some textiles for sale on the front porch of the Maple Cottage.

The beautiful Satsuma buttons that Aunt L bought. They are the size of my thumbnail, but they have so much tiny detail. You can even see the funny little expressions on the women's faces.
A group of pickled veggies at Eddie Levesque.

Later in the day, I returned to the Sale with C to get his advice on the 2 bikes since I couldn't get them out of my head. I was relieved to see they were still there and had not been snatched up! After checking them out and leaving twice, we sat on a park bench to contemplate. We told ourselves that we would just soak them up, retain the image in our noggins and then leave them. That did not happen. The seller, who also owns Gadabout, the vintage shop at 1300 Queen St. E., came out to strike a deal and all of a sudden C was the owner of the pair of vintage Raleigh bikes.

The original owners had carefully labeled the bikes with their names. Too cute! Apparently the husband passed away a while back and the wife passed more recently. The bikes have sat indoors for years. We did some research and they are from 1969. They are in great shape -- they just need a good cleaning. We even found the key to husband's lock in the pouch on the back of the wife's bike. Not that those locks would deter a thief in any way, but still nice to find it. Anyway, after a bit of an ordeal getting the tires pumped up, the two bikes were a perfect ride! So fun to be on a bike again!

Sunday I went to J and Y's for afternoon tea. Got to peek in on the new little baby. She's quite the cutie! Wrapped up the weekend by going for Korean hot pot with my sister and Aunt L. We ran into B and his climbing crew there. Sometimes this big city is so small! Dinner was so good, I could eat it again already!

Today I have been holed up indoors on this rainy day packing orders, ploughing through paperwork, doing my RST, GST and Income Tax returns.... fun fun fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ray Ring

The Ray Ring, as seen in Chatelaine, is available in the Etsy shop.  It's available on both siver-tone and gold-tone adjustable bands.  It also comes in black!


Uh oh...  I am a wee bit obsessed with Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New items in Etsy Shop!

Most recently added to the Etsy shop is a Treasure Bracelet in Red, Orange, Magenta and Yellow.  Go here to check it out.  Other colours are available --  just ask!  The bracelet in the photo above is the "heavy" version of the Treasure Bracelet.  It's also available in "medium" and "light" weight.

Also added to the shop are some Huge Rox Hair Pins in round and rectangular jewels.  Check them out here and there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MoonRox is featured in Chatelaine Magazine

I'm excited to tell you that 2 MoonRox items are featured in the May 2009 issue of Chatelaine Magazine, which is on newstands now. See page 134 if you have a copy! The limited edition Floral Necklace is at the bottom left of the page. These necklaces are each one of a kind and super-delightful. Next to the Floral Necklace is the Ray Ring in a juicy orange. It also comes in black.
photo credit: Chatelaine May 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Around the city

Yesterday I went to St. Lawrence Market and ate some yummies and checked out all the delish looking market goodies.  I have not been to the market in a while...  I really should take better advantage of it! Maybe I would cook more!  I am slowly expanding my repertoire over the years, but I still find that I get on one or two dishes and make them all the time.
Thought these colourful carrots 'n veggies looked so nice!  I like to take random photos all the time so now I can finally do something with them now that I have a blog!

Then later in the day C and I went to the Toronto FC game.  It looked like a nice sunny day, but we froze in the shade.  Toronto played Dallas.  We were in the lead for most of the game and Dallas came back and tied things up in the last few minutes.  TFC games are fun though!

New stock at Chasse Gardee

On Friday I went by Chasse Gardee, a great shop at 1084 Queen St. West (at Dovercourt) and dropped off some new MoonRox wares.  If you are in the Toronto area, stop by and check them out.  Plus you can drool over all the great shoes and bags at the store.  I got these super-cute clogs by Hasbeens.  Can't wait until it's warm enough to wear them!
photo from

Friday, April 10, 2009

My first blog post!

Welcome to the brand spanking new MoonRox blog!

I recently refreshed my website after many years and am happy to be adding this blog to the new site as well. I'm hoping to post about all facets of life as a jewellery designer! Stay tuned!
To check out some of my work, go to!


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