Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Dagg and Stacey Moving Sale

Thought I would share this little tidbit!  My friends, clothing design geniuses, Dagg and Stacey are relocating to a new studio space.  To celebrate the move and to make room for new threads, they are having a massive sale.

The sale runs from September 27-29th at 60 Atlantic Ave., Unit 202, Toronto.  Click here for more details!  I'm definitely going!  I'm excited to score some fab finds!


After the Labour Day weekend, I shut down all work-related happenings and headed off to New York City!  Get ready for a super long picture-filled post. 
We had a good start... silver lining at dawn.
Loved admiring Manhattan from Jersey City
Loved roaming aimlessly in the city to take in all the sights and sounds.  That was one of my favourite things to do when I lived there.  I have such fond memories of walking home from school with no plan or route and zigging through the streets, zoning out and decompressing from my insane life there.
Loved all the gorgeous buildings.... Every time I return, I am reminded of how beautiful some of the architecture is in New York.
Loved some good quality retail time! I forgot how amazing the shops are there...
Loved getting a chance to see some Grand Slam tennis in real life.  Spent a whole day at the men's quarterfinals at the US Open.  So fun for this tennis fan!  Looking like a clinic escapee in my hospital gown-esque dress, US Open radio slung around my neck and Amex arm band.

Loved staying near Washington Sqaure Park and hanging with Ace and her cute family.
Loved daily SoHo walks... more aimless wandering... so fab...
Loved all the yummy food we ate.  This is the best guac I have ever tasted...  My mouth is watering just thinking of it.
Loved cute little wine bars with new friends...
Loved picking up some new booties!
Loved sussing out tasty foods...
Loved poking around for cool signs and simple fonts...
Loved brunching with L. and M.
Loved walking the Highline...
Loved Chelsea wandering...
Loved visiting old stomping grounds.  My, how Parsons looks upgraded since the '90's.  But then again in those days I chose my courses from a printed book and had a laminated paper student card.  I am sure things have changed since then!  Sad I was not permitted to enter and have a looky-loo around!
Loved homemade pasta from a cute little neighbourhood joint while a tornado (for real!) rolled through...
Loved some serene moments in Central Park...  
Loved kicking up our tired wandering soles and enjoying a cold beverage.
Even loved steamy hot NYC subway stations.
Loved public performers unique to New York.
Loved pretty details...
Loved cute pets...

And there went fabulous visit.  When I left New York after living there, I said to myself that I would eventually move back and do it right... not as a busy student that couldn't afford to do all the amazing things that New York offers.  Well, that hasn't happened, and may never, though I am keeping it as a back-up dream...  and after visiting many times and always leaving thinking, "I don't love New York, I just like New York," this time around I am already wanting to go back and LOVING New York all over again!

Thanks to everyone that made it lovable.  My hosts were the most kind and really went above and beyond.  Thank you, thank you!  Until next time!




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