Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tiny Charm Necklaces!

Soooo many to choose from!  Pick from loads of different charms from Tiny Lockets to Tiny Horseshoes... then pair it with your choice of semi-precious drop-shaped stone.  This is just a sampling...  There are lots more!  Have a look at our website at www.moonrox.ca for more details!

Charlie Boutique 5 year anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Charlie Boutique!  A few weeks ago, I visited the shop to celebrate with the Charlie team and friends of the store.  Every time I am in the shop, I have noticed that they have such friendly and loyal customers.  Makes me so happy that MoonRox is part of the Charlie roster!  Here are some photos.

MoonRox Bouquet Stud Earrings, Bow Necklace and Fleurette Earrings in the shop
Dressed up to party!
Rocking the Lion Necklace.
With owner Erin and Stacey and Karen of Dagg and Stacey
Moonshadow Pendant on display

Congrats to Erin and the Charlie family on a wonderful 5 years.  May the years ahead be super successful!

809 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Friday, May 10, 2013

Afternoon of craft

A few weeks ago, I visited City of Craft with a couple lovely lady friends.  Always fun to see what people are creating out there!  Here's a little sampling.

"Great" posters and cards from Kid Icarus
Gorgeous vessel by Krystal Speck
Souls that have been sold and contained by WeSee Inc.
Super colourful screen printed leather goods from Falcon Wright
Dreamy Terrariums and handbags from Crown Flora Studio
Davis, one half of the Crown Flora team
Hatchetmade designs for Bookhou
and more pretty Bookhou things... Naturally dyed pouches
Thanks to L and J for a nice little outing on a chilly day in April.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Arty nails

I've gone through years at a time in my life of being addicted to playing with nail polish and experimenting with designs and colour... Then I go through phases of bare nails.  Thinking back I have no real reason for these different phases.  The recent nail art trend is right up my alley.  I love painting (pictures, I mean) and despite doing so much in back in art school, I don't get a chance to paint anymore.  So ten minutes on the nails is a fun and frivolous little break and test of steady hand!  Here are some fun things I've done in recent months!

Jewels galore

I've taken so many photos of jewels that I have yet to share on the blog.  Apologies if you have already seen these pics already, but they are so fun, I had to share again!  For more info on any of these pieces, check out the website, or send us a note.
Shine Bracelet, vintage Bakelite bangles, Entwined Rope Bracelet, Crystalized Bracelet
Oval Cut Crystal Bauble Ring
Tiny Domino Necklace
Pearlette Stud Earrings
Entwined Stalactite Bracelet, Pyramid Bracelet
Assorted Tiny Necklaces
Moonshadow Bracelet
Pod Hair Pins
Moonshadow Bracelet
Tiny Locket Necklace
Moonshadow Pendants
Bouquet Stud Earrings
Moonshadow Bracelet
Hair Pins in shades of green
Triangular Hair Pins
Floral Crystal Bauble Ring
Entwined Necklace
Tassel Bangle
Oval Cut Crystal Bauble Ring
Charming Necklace - Telephone
Entwined Wrap Bracelets
Assorted Hair Pins

More posts coming up soon!  Lots to catch up on!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Follow us!

We've been keeping up with all our social media connections and the quick little snippets that we have been putting out there, so I know we have been a little light on blog posts here... Hoping to do some catching up soon! In the meantime, do you follow us on all the different venues yet?

Intsagram - @MoonRox_ca
Twitter - @MoonRox_ca
Facebook - MoonRox Jewellery and Accessories
Pinterest - MoonRox

And of course visit our shop at www.moonrox.ca!


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