Thursday, October 20, 2016


For the first leg of our Italian Vacation, I flew into Venice on the red eye and headed straight to the AirBnB where I would meet S. who had spent a few days with family she had not seen in decades. The lovely apartment was in Mestre, a train ride away from Venice. Tried to snooze before she arrived, but alas, I have never mastered the nap. We excitedly caught up for a little while before heading into Venice proper to begin what was really only a day and a half in the city.  

Running on no sleep in two days, we zombied around the maze of streets and canals and made our way to The Peggy Guggenheim Collection with just enough time to see the whole museum. I had been to Venice before, so it wasn't on the top of my list of places to visit on our list. This was the one thing I really wanted to return to, especially after viewing a documentary on the eccentric Peggy. What a great space where you can get an intimate experience with art works from so many masters. Plus you get to enjoy Peggy's fabulous home.
(Jackson Pollock)
(Alexander Calder)
(Peggy Guggenheim's place of burial, and that of all of her dogs!)
(Close up on Kandinsky)
(Unbelievable wood carvings)

(Leather shop - so many with exactly the same stock)
(Piazza San Marco)
When I left Toronto, I thought I was going to eat so well in Italy! I was so excited! Italian food is one of my favourites. We were so disappointed at the food offerings in the Venetian restos. So much dumbed down mediocre tourist food. Sigh.

We did love getting lost in Venice. It's easy to do! And the scenery is beautiful at every turn. Passed through the famed Piazza San Marco, snuck a couple photos in the Basilica (hope I don't go to Hell for this) and popped into a pretty bar to escape a rain shower. After the rain we took a vaporetto (water bus) to Murano, hoping to see some of the glass studios. I had been before and remembered the island as a bit of a tourist trap, but we gave it a go. As it was late in the day, most of the studios and shops were closed, so we had a quick wander and headed back to Venice.
(Basilica San Marco)
(Basilica San Marco - snuck a photo or two. Sorry!)

Though very beautiful, Venice seems a bit like a theme park to me. It felt like it was created by and for tourists. Still, I was happy to have re-visited it. There is no place like it! Next up, Florence!

Monday, October 3, 2016

One of a Kind Show & Sale 2016 Coupon Code

Hi! Just back from a wonderful Italian vacation! A friend and I booked a last minute getaway and hopped from Venice to Florence to Cinque Terre to Rome. In case you missed my many Instagram posts, I will definitely share some photos and maybe a couple anecdotes in the days to come. The trip was packed and I already cannot remember everything we did and saw, so I will make sure to post about our travels soon to preserve the experience for myself!

Came back to Toronto feeling under the weather and jumped immediately into the busy season. The One of a Kind Show is coming up at the end of next month! Thought now would be a good time as any to share the COUPON CODE to save on tickets to the show! Just follow this link and use code ETCVT4HA for a discount on e-tickets. I'll keep you posted on pre-show prep, booth location and of course ticket giveaways in the weeks leading up to the show.

There are soooooo many jewels to be made between now and then! Plus we will have the new Collection for Fall/Winter up on the website very soon!

Stay tuned!



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shibori Dream Day!

Julie of Julie Sinden Handmade hosted a few friends for a perfect afternoon in her backyard. On top of her other creative endeavours, she teaches shibori and other natural dye workshops. Several friends have expressed interest, so she came up with the genius idea of a Summer backyard party and indigo workshop. The weather was perfect, not super hot as most days have been, so just ideal for a day of working outside in the sun.
Julie gave us a brief overview of the history and background of indigo and then showed us some examples with an explanation of how to achieve the different patterns.
She started by showing us how to prepare the vats and then let us loose with all the clamps, threads, wood bits to prepare our fabric.
I was a super keener and wanted to try everything. I brought some hankies, cotton totes and random fabric to play with.
Loved watched things change colour between dips and oxidization.
It was so fun to watch everyone unravel their pieces to see how they turned out! 
Julie even came across a wine called Indigo at the farmer's market and had to grab it for the occasion!
Surprises being unfurled!
I did a few panels of velveteen that I plan on making into throw cushions. I have every colour in my home except blue, so some adjustments will have to be made 'cause I can't get enough of these!
As our workshop came to a close, Julie prepared a lovely meal and Aube cheffed up the most beautiful and delicious tart. Check out her blog for some unbelievably drool-worthy food inspiration and other life stories.
I don't think I have ever eaten so well in a backyard! Delicious!
It was a perfect day! Did I already say that? I so enjoyed the amazing company of smart and interesting women and was so happy to be reminded of how much I enjoy the act of making things!

Thanks to Julie for all the fun!




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