Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flight of Fancy Series

Sometimes I get caught up in making big statement pieces. This was an extra little personal challenge to make these more soft and delicate jewellery designs! I brought these to the One of a Kind Show a couple weeks ago, and I love the response they got! Glad to hear that some of you like them as much as I do! The Flight of Fancy Necklace, Lariat and Earrings are made with dainty brass chain adorned with brass rods and charms. The same charms are used in the selection of earrings that go with! I've linked each piece in the photo captions above, so click through to see more photos and descriptions.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Voyage and Wanderlust Earrings

Photo credit: Joseph Saraceno
I'm a little obsessed with these beauties! I just want one of each! These are the Voyage and Wanderlust Stud Earrings. They are made with geometric brass forms and vintage glass cat's eye paillettes. Choose from four lovely pastel colours. 

I'm also kind of digging the one-of-each-style look as shown in this pretty Look Book image! Why not wear one of each style? The smooth surfaces of both of these earring styles catch the light and dance on your ears as you move. These are perfect for when you need a little holiday from the day-to-day!

Check them out on the website!

One of a Kind Spring 2018 wrap up

It's hard to believe it's already been a week since the One of a Kind Show finished up! The Spring edition always seems to fly by faster year by year!

Leading into the show, I had run myself ragged and was just getting over a little cold on set up day. Luckily I have the bestest of friends that always pull me through these days when I really need the extra help. My good friend K and I set up the booth and made it look beautiful! We had a chill day and slowly put the whole scene together. It's always nice to see everything on display. It's so rewarding to see each piece laid out with other designs from the same series, and not packed away neatly in bags and boxes.
MoonRox Necklaces at #OOAKS18
On the first morning of the show, I always try to get there a little early as there are always small tasks to do to get our little home for the next few days looking just right.

I was running a little late and quickly scrambled from the parking lot to head into the building with several bags in tow and a triple espresso in hand. Having made my way across the road plus the streetcar tracks and just about to enter the building, I wondered if I had locked the car.. I always make fun of my Aunt as she doubles back to check if she locked her car 95% of the time. I rifled around all of my bags and pockets in search of the keys. Couldn't find them. Panic set in with the clock ticking closer to show opening time. With my eyes fixed on the car from across the way, I ambled back across the streetcar tracks and across the road. HOLY S*%T, the doors were unlocked and the keys were still in the ignition!? I couldn't believe how stupid I was to have almost given away my car to the next passerby to peek in the window! I was so relieved I had remembered to check before it was too late! I was laughing at myself as I locked the car three times beep beep beep, tucked the keys away and then repeated my steps and went for take 2 to get to the show.

As I crossed the tracks this time, there was a streetcar at the stop. The driver wasn't in his seat so I scampered across despite the do not walk sign. He then leaned to open the door and I attempted to signal that no, I was not looking to board the car. He actually didn't seem to think that I was. He shouted out the door at me. "Have a great day! Sell lots of jewellery!" I said thank you and wished him a great day also. Whaaaaat?! How did he know that I sell jewellery? I mentally checked myself up and down. I had a suitcase and bags and was bundled in my coat. I was not bearing any outside indication that I made or sold jewellery. I didn't recognize him and do not know anyone that drives a TTC streetcar. Maybe he knew me. Maybe he follows me on Instagram or has shopped from me before.

Any which way, that was super nice of him to wish me well and I took it as a positive omen/good vibes/a happy moment.
This is the Sicilian Bouquet Necklace on one of our favourite long time customers. She came in this stunning floral dress and somehow the necklace just seemed meant for her. It's still pretty chilly out for March and April, so I have been so pleased that customers have responded so well to this cheerful piece! Perhaps the more we wear flowers, we will inspire some real ones to pop up! This piece even got a mention on BlogTO!
MoonRox at #OOAKS18MoonRox at #OOAKS18
The Show ran over Easter this year, and I was so happy to see so many of our loyal customers come to share the holiday with us. I know I say this every time, but I am so honoured that so many of you allow me to make some pretty things for you to take with you and make a part of your lives. Seeing our customers in person and catching up on the latest in your lives makes me so happy. 
MoonRox at #OOAKS18
Thank you to our amazing customers. You guys are the best ever and make all of these jewels come to life! Thank you to my fellow makers for the inspiration, moral support and chocolate eggs. Thanks to the team at the One of a Kind Show for always putting together an incredible event. Lastly, thanks to my friends and family for always supporting me both figuratively and literally holding me up! I have the most incredible friends and family that are always willing to lend a hand, whether it is tagging, prepping, moving, food delivery or tearing the whole thing down again.
MoonRox at #OOAKS18
Thank you all for making this yet another successful OOAK Show! I can't wait for the next one already! We had a great show, so maybe the TTC man put me in the right lane!

In the next few weeks, I'll share more Look Book images from the Spring/Summer Collection... and maybe I'll try to get up to some random adventures too!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale 2018

Photo credit: Joseph Saraceno
We are all set up! Come see us at the One of a Kind Show running from March 28-April 1! We're in Booth Q-04 and cant wait to see you!

If you haven't picked up your tickets, use coupon code EFC25VW2 to save when buying your tickets online!

New Collection for Spring/Summer 2018

Photo credit: Joseph Saraceno
So happy to share that the MoonRox Collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is now live online!

Here's one of my favourite images of from the Look Book. The Sicilian Bouquet Necklace and Bracelet are so delightful. They make me dream of wandering through fragrant flower fields in the afternoon sun.

Hope you will have a look at the new collection and fall in love with some of the pieces!


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