Saturday, December 31, 2011


This past week was lovely, relaxing, totally stress-free and Christmassy...   not much family was in town, but that meant more time for dear friends.  
Doodled a few random cards...  went for chicken wings and beers with some of my favourite peeps.
Had a small family dinner a few days before Christmas prior to Sister and W. heading off to see his family.  My prime rib turned out reasonably well.  I know what to do to improve it next time. 
Did some leisurely gift shopping and enjoyed the process of wrapping...
I missed my family, especially since this is the first Christmas without Grandma, but I've got to say that it was nice to not have to worry about much over the holiday... wandered the city, did anything I wanted on a whim, and since the 24th have done a minute amount of work...  maaaaybe a couple hours a day.  Feeling refreshed and excited, work-wise, for next year.
On Christmas Eve, Aunt L. and I went out for dinner and then went a catch a movie.
On Christmas Day I joined my friends, the L-O family.  Got lots of invitations from nice friends, as I was a bit of an orphan this year, and I so appreciate the kind offers.  It was a lovely day.  It was great to be a part of someone else's Christmas.  We gobbled good eats, hung out with their little girls, chatted about this and that and reminisced about the good old times when we were young and ridiculous!
Spotted a vintage MoonRox star ornament on their tree!  Still remember the feeling of making those, though it was a good decade ago...
On the 28th, my two friends J. Mo and Anita had guest roles in the Nutcracker!  The ballet was beautiful.  The set was stunning and the costumes intricate and amazing.  I loved it!  And I was so impressed with my two pals!
The Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts is a wonderful place...  must go more often.  Odd to think you can get a last minute or standing room ticket for an opera or ballet for less than the price of a flick.
This was J. Mo's post-show dinner.  Photo worthy...
Got mail from abroad...
Sipped hot tea... I made this cup in 2002...
Did some boxing day shopping...  Bit of a mistake.  The crowds were overwhelming.

Meant to spend more time reading my book and not doing much at all, but somehow the days flew by quickly.  Did get to see some friends that come home rarely, so I think my book can wait! 
Few hours remaining of  2011.  Hope you have some fun plans to ring in the new year... wherever you are!  Excited to see what 2012 will bring...  Happy New Year!!




Here are some pics of just some items that were gifted by customers this Christmas...  Shown here are The Twinkle Pearl Creme Bracelet in Mint, The Constellation Brooch, Stud Earrings and Bakelite Earrings.  Hope they were well received!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day SALE!

Hope everyone had a merry and bright Christmas!  

Now for BOXING DAY!  We are having a very rare SALE!  
All items are 20% off from now until December 28th, 2011.  
Enter coupon code SALE20 to receive your discount.  
Discount applies to regular priced items, sale items as well as gift certificates!

Visit the MoonRox website or shop to buy!

Happy shopping!

Monday, December 19, 2011

MoonRox in Plaid Magazine!

I was thrilled to see the cover of this Winter's issue of Plaid Magazine.  The Twinkle Gem Necklace looks amazing in this icy, ethereal image.  Special thanks to Plaid Magazine and and their team for including my work.

My week in photos

I am fully addicted to photography apps.  My recent fave has been  Follow MoonRox on under the username MoonRoxJewellery.  Here is some of the last week in images.
Made cupcakes. 
Vintage beater = hard work, but I like the manual power!
Hosted a dinner party.  Love my good friends.
 Admired my colourful FireKing, Pyrex & Rosti kitchenware in the drying rack. 
 Visited the Monster Factory studio. 
Hung out with these guys... and Rhya too.
 Stopped in at Made You Look.
 Ate lots of fresh food.  
 Enjoyed some holiday shopping...
  and may or may not have brought some truffles home.
Brought out the lollipop tree.
 Did my nails holiday-style and popped up the insta-tree.

(Was more domestic this week than the whole year combined!)

Almost ready for the Holidays!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift certificates!

Now with 11 days remaining until Christmas, we are running out of shopping time!  Just a reminder that MoonRox Gift Certificates are available in $25 and $50 denominations.  If you need a different amount, just send a note to  info (at) moonrox (dot) ca  and it can be set up.  Go here to buy.  Easy peasy and stress-free!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


S. and S. had a few of us over the other night for an evening of gingerbread house making and merriment!  The boys were having no part of it, but K., S. and I enjoyed it.  I have never made a gingerbread house, not even as a kid, so I loved making them.  Well, S. did the tough part in making the actual gingerbread ahead of time and we did the fun part of constructing and decorating.
Took lots of pictures 'cause I loved all the colours and how different each house turned out to be.  I was told I was working at warp speed and I think it is because I spend a lot of my days assembling jewellery in the most efficient way possible, so fast is the only way I know.  I think I even chop my veggies in a methodical and quick way.  These hands are used to working!
How cute are our houses?  Almost too cute to eat!  Guess which one I decorated?

Thanks to S. and S. for a lovely evening!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Feel a bit like I am emerging from a cave after the past couple months!  I am so ready to relax over the Holidays...

I have spent the past week running around trying to get all the custom orders out and tending to store orders.  Have also been trying to re-immerse myself into the real world after spending so many days without any daylight and little food in a huge exhibition hall.  I'm trying to calorie load and gain some weight back!  Very good excuse to gorge on food and drink with good friends.
Also been fighting off what seems like a bi-annual cold that I come down with the second I relax.  So far so good.  Only got about 15% sick and kicked it.  Popping vitamins...  Crossing fingers...  Though I think I have a pinched nerve somewhere as both arms and both legs have been numb for the past 2 days.  I have no doubt my whole body is misaligned from hunching over working with my hands all of the time.
Had not a single pair of Foliage Earrings around...  Earrings in general were super low after the Show.  Made sure to make more.    
Was so happy to get my desk cleared (so to speak, 'cause it sure ain't clear) and sneak out on Friday afternoon for a nice lunch and shopping outing with KK.

We made a huge attempt to buy, but all that came home with us it this weird little guy.  His head and scarfed body lift up to reveal a candle.  He was too awesome and odd to pass up!
Now I have to get myself sorted for my own holiday celebrations and gift giving...
Went to City of Craft yesterday after brunch with the Sis.  So many great and random things there.  Got a couple things that will be gifted.
Made gingerbread houses on the weekend with friends.  Good way to get in the Holiday mood!  Pics to come.


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