Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A classic

With Coach releasing a limited edition run of five of their Classics today, I am loving my old forest green Court Bag even more. It's a great size... it even fits one of my requirements of containing a water bottle with no problems. I also prefer a latch to a magnet, so I can hear or feel a pick-pocket, if they so dare! Great that it has a shoulder strap as well as a handle. As for the latest releases, I'm into the vermillion colour!

Ok... back to work. Late nights these days...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday! Here are some work-related snaps taken lately. Work in progress, spools that held lengths of chain, and bits and bobs strewn in a pile...

Hope you have a fabulous and steamy weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfect Tote

Love the simplicity of this untreated leather 'Bag for Life' tote from Swedish Hasbeens. I do seem to tote my life around in a tote everyday... on top of my already very large handbag. Stuffing things into my bicycle basket seems to wear out the fabric a fair bit... This leather lovely would be perfect... It would sit so nicely in the basket! And I like how the leather will darken and get some scuffs with age.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hope you enjoyed the weekend... Looks like it was scorching hot virtually across the continent. Mine was full of bike rides, barbecues, beer and good company. Not a bad way to enjoy a steamy weekend in the city! Busy week this week. Hoping to get the Fall/Winter line in good order by the end of the week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soakin' up Summer!

Here are some random phone pics taken lately.
B. took this one of me with the ginormous Slurpee outside the 7eleven. Apparently we are easily amused... the shots of him are way better.
I could bask in the sun all day when the weather is like this...
make that in fields of flowers in the sun!
or even riding high in the sun!

Hope your Summer so far has been filled with sunshine and fun too!

Monday, July 11, 2011

TOAE 2011

Enjoyed a nice Saturday afternoon walkabout at this year's edition of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Sad to say that I didn't manage to take great photos, but here are some of what caught my attention. I loved these ceramic tile art pieces by Susan Card. I was particularly drawn to this iceberg piece. I stuck my nose right up to it before I realized it was ceramic and the image was created with glazes.
Here are some of Susan's Pandorae and Nudibranchia pieces.
And here she is inside her booth.
This is the fibre installation by Amanda McCavour. It is so much more amazing in real life. This photo does it no justice, but I am still posting it to remind myself to keep a look-out for her work in the future. Each little spiro of neon thread was stitched/drawn by machine and hung carefully. Amanda won the award for her category.
Above is a Wonky Box by Paul Szewc of Masterpiece. I have been neighbours with him before at the One of a Kind Show and he and his family are the nicest people. He does a fantastic array of work with wood ranging from kitchen utensils to guitars. It was nice to see some of his newer work as I had not seen his exhibit in a few years.
Here is a detail of an aluminium piece by Dave Hind. I was interested in the nice play with light and painterly quality that he was able to achieve with metal.
I enjoyed the Exhibition as always! It was a hot sunny day, just the way I like it!

Fiesta Friday

Had a hectic but fun weekend. Seems this weekend of July is always jam-packed every year. I think I have only been home for maybe three waking hours since getting back from Bermuda. Here are a couple quick snaps of some of the goodies at J.'s Friday get together. Had a great time! Sangria and jalapeno poppers! How can you go wrong? We also feasted on the most delicious enchiladas, yummy guac and heavenly key lime pie... I'm still full just thinking about it!

Feeling a bit harried and need to get back on track for the Mode Show in less than a month's time!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flying around

Love these two pics from my trip. BDA-->YYZ... Two different worlds...
(Click on 'em to see the details including the CN Tower waaaaay back there.)

Dreamy creamy

Into this look from Club Monaco. Saw loads of pretty things in store the other day...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bermuda vacation

I just went to Bermuda for an extended long weekend with my friend G.! She had lived there for 6 years before she returned to Toronto a couple years ago, so I had been several times to visit before. Love the beautiful island and the clean ocean air. They were forecasting thunderstorms for the whole trip so we were nervous, but apparently they have been saying it would rain for three months and it rarely does. It was gorgeous for the most part, but we saw a few well needed sprinkles and only one refreshing downpour. We fit in lots of visits with nice friends, lots of hours soaking up the beaches and a few too much food and bev... but that's what holidays are for, right? Here is a series of scenery from our trip in mostly chronological order... Thanks for indulging my camera happy ways!
Harbourfront dining
unbelievable sushi platter
Horseshoe Beach rocks
bright beach brolly.
tangled greens
lot (get it? haha!) of scooters
a look across the harbour
flag flying
dance floor lights
lovely Bermuda colours
friends frolicking boat-side
postcard-like view
blooming bushes
Elbow Beach
beach ball spotting
walk on the beach
clouds rolling in
friends soaking up the scene
pool with ocean view
look from above
dusk hovering
morning sun on the rooftop
last morning at the beach
couldn't get enough
needed at least three more days!

Had a lovely trip! Thanks to G. and all of our hosts in Bermuda! We packed so much into a few days that my brain in scrambled. I even ran into a friend I first met in the 6th grade. The world is such a tiny place! Time to plan another trip some place! It was so refreshing to get away! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend too!

Not sure if I am fighting something off or crashing waves resulted in water in my ears, but I have been so dizzy today. Time to rest up. Next few days are looking busy busy! Goodnight!


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