Monday, May 30, 2016

Connection Necklace and New Collection Bracelet

(Photography by Joseph Saraceno.)
Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend! We have had a glorious and steamy weekend that capped off a sunny week. Spent as much time as possible outside. Spring is the best!

Wanted to share a SS16 Lookbook image. Here is the Connection Series. One of the most loved pieces over the past few years had been the Connection Bracelet. It is now sold out, but we've created an equally great updated version and a fabulous necklace to go with! I liked this duo so much that I kept a set for myself. I find that I wear them all the time, together or as separates! The bracelet is lovely on its own or stacked with other bracelets. I've been wearing mine with my labradorite Power Bracelet a ton. The necklace is a perfect piece to dress up easy Summer dresses and casual tanks.

To see more on the Connection Necklace and New Connection Bracelet, visit our website.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Long weekend in the sun

The long weekend was filled with the stuff we wait all Winter for. The sunshine and warm weather is here and I really hope they stick around. The scent in the air is sweetened with Spring blossoms. People move slower and seem happier. I can't get enough of all of it! Spring is my favourite and this year has been such a slow start. I was so happy to enjoy the long weekend at D's cottage. Fresh country air and greenery does a body good!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Floret Earrings

The Floret Earrings are the perfect Spring earrings! Lovely specked vintage glass beads in delicious pastel colours and linked to chalk white drop shaped beads. These are long, bright, bold and cheerful!

(Photography by Joseph Saraceno.)


This week I learned that we lost a friend. 

D.J. was a customer I met at the One of a Kind Show about a decade and a half ago. On the day that we met, she picked out a necklace called the Constellation Necklace but wondered if I could make it a bit longer to sit lower than the choker style it was. She was a stylish elderly lady (in her 70's on this day back in 2002) that was not afraid of bold colours and coordinating accessories. Matchy-matchy was her thing! I said I would be away for a week following that Spring show and that I could meet up with her after I returned. We decided to meet at a coffee shop in case I had to make any further adjustments to the lengthened necklace.  She asked where I was traveling to. I responded by telling her I would be visiting G. in Bermuda. When I returned, we exchanged e-mail messages and she expressed interest in seeing photos from my travels! We ended up sitting with coffee for about an hour and chatting while looking at photos. We had struck up a friendship despite our 5 decade age gap!

Following this first outing, we would meet a few times a year for a meal and chat. She was up on the latest restaurants and was always keen to try new spots.  She even came to a Blue Jays game with me and some of my friends. She loved to discuss politics, arts, craft shows, her Summer road trips. She made an annual trip to Muskoka and told me of her adventures there, including catching all the cottage area craft shows and all the hot music festivals. We chatted about what we had listened to on Q in Ghomeshi's pre-scandal heyday, marvelled at Rob Ford's scandals galore. She told me how she was introduced to the Unitarian Church by Frank Lloyd Wright, recounted cheeky stories from her youth including skinny dipping at the cottage and wild motorcycle rides.

She rarely missed a show that I exhibited at and was a super supporter of my work. Over the years, I continued to lengthen necklaces and convert matching earrings to clip-on for her. I know she was an equally eager supporter of several other artisans. I am sure she would spend half of her visit to a craft show chatting with all of her vendor friends. She loved the interaction and to hear about the latest!

Until the end she was a life long learner. She had held so many interesting jobs, even in a time when I am sure there were few women in the work force, taking advantage of every course and learning opportunity. She was a woman in her 80's with as much tech knowledge as I had! 

On April 21st, the same day as the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday, D. turned 90. I learned a couple days ago that she passed away the day after her 90th birthday. She was a lady that made much of an impression on me and will not soon be forgotten. Thinking about her will always remind me to stay curious, keep learning, be feisty, never fear a challenge, live with colour and beauty... and always search for adventure.  

Rest in peace Ms. D.J. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lattice Necklace

(Photo credit: Joseph Saraceno.)
This is the Lattice Necklace. I found these vintage pastel flecked beads and had to scoop up all that they had. All pieces made with these beads are very limited, but that makes them more special. In the creative process when designing the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, this was the first piece that I made. I love how one piece can lead to a whole series or family. I'll show you some of those pieces soon!
This necklace is named Lattice as it brings to mind those simmering days of Summer when gardens are super lush with foliage and blooms climbing up the lattice walls.

The Lattice Necklace is available in Mint, Orange and Pink. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Art inspiration

Took a couple hours on a grey afternoon to roam around the AGO. It was the day before my membership was to expire, so being the last minute type, I felt the urge to take advantage and perhaps find some inspiration! Caught the Outsiders show which is the featured exhibit of American photography and film from the 50's to 80's. So many fascinating images that tell so many stories. Leisurely took my time to examine them. 
Here are some other highlights! Above is 'Man Changing into Thunderbird' by Norval Morriseau.

On every visit to the gallery, I make sure to pass through the rooms housing the Group of Seven to see my favourite pieces -- these two small works depicting the 'Northern Lights' by Tom Thomson. I have never seen the northern lights in real life and it has been on my to do list. I don't want to use the term bucket list. I once looked at these and had a magical dream from the night before flood back and was seemingly whisked away into another world. Love looking at the brush strokes and handling of these. Stood here for several minutes in quiet contemplation.
'Shaman Muscox' by Manasie Akpaliapik charmed me. These carvings discuss the vulnerabilities and social ills of the communities of the artist's Arctic homeland.
Aimlessly wandered through Song Dong's 'Communal Courtyard' at the same time as a sweet little toddler excitedly getting lost with her mom. Love the curiosity and innocence of the very young!
Snuff bottles in the most lovely colours.
A quiet moment with 'York Factory (Sketch) VI' by Frank Stella.

Left feeling inspired and relaxed. A perfect brief retreat in the heart of the city!


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