Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At the One of a Kind Show. Five more days!!

This year's One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale has been excellent so far!  It has been wonderful to connect with so many of our fabulous customers.  We are so lucky to have such a loyal and fantastic clientele.
Like this cute lady that chose three hair pins that co-ordinated so well with her outfit, I had to snap a pic.  Here are some other photos taken at the MoonRox booth these past 6 days!
and Chevron Necklace (currently only available at the OoaK Show.)
 Bracelets galore!
Gem Necklace, Chevron Necklace and Moonshadow Bracelet.

Stud options!  Chevron Necklace and Moonshadow Bracelet

 Entwined Convertible Necklace all packed up! 
Fireworks Necklace in Scarlet.
Cracker Necklace - the Saltine.  Seems to be unisex!
Fireworks Necklace in Lemon Yellow.

And Now for some non-MoonRox items both seen and coveted while walking about.  
 Cutest bibs at Electrik Kidz.
Boiled wool head gear and accessories at Julie Sinden.  Everything I have gotten from Julie is so warm and has always made well received gifts.  Everyone needs a hat in this climate!
 Cutest knitted kids' stuff from Vintage Baby Revival.  
Drool worthy handbags from Hoi Bo.  Thought I wanted the pleated purse in the back, but now thinking I am in need of the mini in the front.
Stopped in a Bookhou.  Sister picked up a couple of lovely goodies.

Mehoi had some new and wondrous little cast brass work!  Will have to visit again for a proper catch up!
And here is Avril Loreti in her award winning new booth surrounded by her awesome wares!

Still have lots to see and some of my friends and favourites to visit!  But wanted to share this before the Show flew by.  We are already passed the halfway point!  Five more days to come see us at the One of a Kind Show!  The Show runs until Sunday, December 2nd.  Hope to see you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MoonRox in Ming Pao

MoonRox was in the Chinese daily newspaper Ming Pao recently.  They covered the One of a Kind Show and featured artisans of Chinese descent.  Ming Pao was my dear Grandpa's favourite paper.  There was many a day where we chased around Chinatown desperately trying to get him a copy late in the day.  Drove us crazy at the time, but brings back fond memories now.  Anyhow, especially because of this, I'm pretty excited that MoonRox is showcased in this paper!  If only I knew how to read Chinese... My relatives have reported that it says all kinds of good stuff.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

MoonRox maids

This lovely family has been coming by my booth at the One of a Kind Show for years.  Yesterday the Bride, her Mom and sister E. came by and brought me a copy of this image.  So sweet and thoughtful!  One of the best things about doing the One of a Kind year after year is getting to know people a little bit and hearing about their stories.  Last year the bride's two sisters wore the Bubbly Stud Earrings and I think they looked smashing in their pink with the stunning bride!  Congrats to the S. family!  Wishing the new Mr. and Mrs. endless wedded bliss!



Image by Renaissance Studios Photography.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Show time!

Wrapped up a busy first day the the One of a Kind Show!  All settled in for the long haul now!  Looking forward to seeing more familiar faces in the days ahead!  Come by and see our pretty booth in person.

MoonRox is in Booth Y-20.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale!

We are all set up for a fabulous One of a Kind Show!  Come check out our latest, or just pop by to say hello!  MoonRox will be in booth Y-20.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale

The One of a Kind Show starts in two days!  We are getting super excited!  Today we are working on final preparations and packing up to be at the Show for 11 days.  So looking forward to showing off all of our new wares and our freshened up look!  All of our ticket giveaways have wrapped up now.  If you were not lucky enough to win, here is an e-coupon to save on tickets.  See you soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Show prep

Doing some late night working...  really should be getting some sleep about now, but the To Do List seems to be a tiny bit overwhelming at this moment.  The One of a Kind Show starts later this week!  I am doing all sorts of organizational things... working on booth decor, blasting the new logo onto everything and of course making jewellery.  Luckily I have had some help this weekend!  Thanks to J.S. and A!  In reality, I am probably quite ready after doing this show for so many years, but I always feel a little anxious as I so want to make the jewels and the booth better than the last time.  I am so fortunate to have such faithful customers that really know their MoonRox, and I would hate to disappoint!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!  There are 4 pairs of free One of a Kind Show tickets up for grabs in our last draw.  Contest closes today at noon.  Visit this post on our Facebook page to enter.

Ok, few more tasks and off to dreamland!

Hope you had a nice weekend!



Saturday, November 17, 2012


A couple weeks ago I went to meet with Ashley of Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.  It's her off season, so the shop is closed and she is working in her studio.  After my usual getting lost the second I leave the downtown core of Toronto (sorry again Ashley), we met up at her nice bright new studio in Hamilton and did a little wander and lunch.
I love relics of the past... hand painted old office door signs...
beautiful old ceiling details and pretty fixtures... 
and even cracked up old mosaic floors.
Ashley took me to some of the great little shops around town.  We stopped in at White Elephant and O's Clothes amongst some other sweet independent outlets.  Part of me is tempted to move somewhere,  find a lovely old century home to inhabit and have a fresh start.  I'd get a huge studio and perhaps even a shop.  Just a thought or a simple day dream...  Or maybe I'm being crazy...
It was a nice little outing for a brief afternoon.
And then I rolled out, back to Toronto.

This weekend will be a busy one...  It's the last weekend before the One of a Kind Show so there is a lot of final preparations happening.  I've picked up new signage, new cards, new tags, new stickers and am excited to show off some new jewels!  Don't forget to check out the MoonRox Facebook page to enter to win some free tickets to the show!  There are four pairs, yes 4, available to win!  The contest closes on Monday at noon.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fresh New MoonRox Logo!

As you may have noticed up top in our pretty new blog header, we have a beautiful fresh new logo!  We think it maintains the fun and whimsy that has always been part of MoonRox, but has matured and simplified a little bit. Hope you like it as much as we do!  A special thank you to Miss K for the hard work and graphic design talents!  

So, with our fancy new logo, we have launched a refreshed website and online shop!  Check 'em out!  Let us know what you think!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Snack attack

This is the Cracker Necklace!  I just can't get enough happiness from this delectable necklace!  So fun to mix it in with a perfectly normal outfit and see people's reactions when they clue in to the food stuffs hanging from your neck.

There's a Cheese Cracker and a Saltine too.  Only a limited number of each, so grab 'em while you can!

Busy Friday here... and I'm 100% sure some amount of work will be involved this weekend, but so looking forward to it!  Happy weekend folks!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall days

I'm generally not a fan of Fall, but I've got to say that the season produces some of the nicest turbulent skies and gorgeous rich sunsets.  Of course we could absolutely do without the hurricanes and storms that have landed of late.
This sunset was particularly stunning.  Gazed at it like a zombie trying to soak it all up.
Fall is always super busy.  I'm not sure if I have posted any of these photos before.  I tend to lose my mind regularly at this time of year... the result of wearing 50 million different hats to run this little jewellery biz in the most hectic time of year!  Getting super-excited for the One of a Kind Show!  Check in on our Facebook Page to win some free tickets!  Today our third draw was announced.  There are three pairs of tickets up for grabs!  Go and enter!  It's so easy!
I've been hard at work jimmying the website soon to re-launch and building up stock for the show as well as filling store and online orders.  Love all the pretty materials in use this season.  Lots of brights to cheer up the season!
Accidentally dumped a very well organized box of findings, and will have to finish tending to that mess another day, but visually I liked the jumble, so snapped a pic.
Daylight is so short, but maybe this is a good thing.  The evenings have been super productive!
Not that I haven't escaped for a few outings with friends and enjoyable breaks.
A late night dinner and birthday celebration...
Lovely home cooked meals...  S. made the yummiest jerk chicken for dins last week.  Salivating just thinking about it!
Potted some cuttings for friends.  Saving one for K.D. and then keeping one so to as to ensure some plants survive the winter.  
Cheerful lunch visits...  Got some ahhhmazing soaps from J.S., my now retired soap-making friend.  So happy to still be able to enjoy some of her delightful suds.
Supported Vonelle on their CD release night like a proud auntie.
Made sure to take advantage and enjoyed a rare balmy day with a market stroll.
Spotted a mention in the Now Magazine article about Toronto Fashion Heroes for 2012.  So thrilled to be listed amongst all these talents and icons.
And okay, I also really like Fall colours.  One more plus for Fall!
Did you notice how it's Christmas everywhere the second Halloween is over?  It's time to get our Holiday spirit on! Looking forward to a super-fun Holiday Season ahead.

For now, on to the next thing on my huge long checklist!  Putting my shipping and packaging hat on!  Have a happy day!  Bye for now...




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