Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New MoonRox at Heidi-Ho*2 at Hazelton Lanes

A whole lot of my favourite pieces from this season are now in at Heidi-Ho*2 at Hazelton Lanes!

Check out the Fancy Briolette Earrings,
Entwined Rope Bracelets,
Sunny Earrings,
Bright Lights Necklaces,
Crystalized Bracelets,
and Entwined Links Necklaces...
and plenty more to choose from.
Visit the shop on the lower level of Hazleton Lanes near Whole Foods.

Hazelton Lanes Shopping Centre 
87 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Still learning how to use it, but I'm on Pinterest now!  Follow me!  (Oh!  There may be an excess of wedding related pins. This is me and a certain family member brainstorming ideas for her wedding.  This will stop soon, I promise!)  I think I'm going to like Pinterest.  I can see how people are addicted!!

These days

Hi!  Here are some photos of life according to my phone lately.  
A nook at home.  Study of lemons, painted in 1995 in painting class in art school.  I used to love to paint.  Think I must bring it back.
Bright Lights Bracelet.
Brunch with friends and Baby A., who is super duper cute and an excellent dining companion.

Relic Earrings, my go-to faves of late.
Polish change before a gay-ol'-evening!
Bowl by Marc Egan.
A visit with Clare at Kid Culture.  Wish those sweet Vintage Baby Revival legwarmers came in adult size.
That's it for now!

Friday, February 24, 2012

From the studio

Here are a few pics from the studio this week.
 Fancy Ornate Earrings
Pretty glass beads
Chain Chain Earrings

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New arrivals at Pretty Chic Boutique

Some colourful new trinkets are in at Pretty Chic Boutique!
You'll find the Crystal Bauble Earrings,
 lots of new Tiny necklaces, including the Tiny Elephant,
Lily Stud Earrings,
and plenty more!  
Have a look see!

34 Quebec Street
Guelph, ON

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day weekend

Hi there,

Hope you had a nice Family Day long weekend!  I know I should have been working on this holiday (that I am still not used to in the middle of the Winter)... I know not every province was off today, so phone calls should have been made and e-mails should have been sent, earrings should have been finished, but it was too nice a day to be huddled inside.  I'll get right on it in the morning!  Here are some snap shots from the past few days.
Queen West at sunset.
Colourful Le Creuset kitchenware at Good Egg.
Super yummy breaky with good company at the Bellevue.  Subbed out the egg.  I don't eat egg, unless hiding in a pastry or cake or pierogi and no longer resembling an egg of any sort!
Spent hours re-arranging my studio space.  Still lots to do but made huge strides and feel an enormous weight lifted already.
Shades of orange.
Crafty time with Japanese masking tape.
A pomelo.  
Homemade spaghetti and GIANT meatballs after a day of toddling around shopping.

Had a great weekend!  Lots of time to relax, lots of time with friends and some quality family time with the Sis, W., and Aunt L.  All weekend, small mundane things were reminding me of family no longer with us.  Making little flags reminded me of my paternal Grandfather.  He was so precise and loved making things with his hands but he was an efficient and practical man.  I remember when I first started my business he made me tons of little paper bags using colourful wrapping paper, each one carefully cut and glued.  Then, the act of peeling a pomelo slowly and deliberately reminded my of my maternal Grandfather.  My own hands began to resemble his as I patiently peeled the layers away to expose the delicious fruit.  Also, all this Jeremy Lin excitement would have thrilled him.  He was the hugest sports fan and basketball was near the top of the list.  I like that reminders of these oldies are everywhere!  Missing them, and my Grandmothers too on this Family Day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New arrivals at Charlie Boutique

 New MoonRox goods have arrived at Charlie Boutique!
 You'll find plenty of pretty jewels to choose from, including the Entwined Wrap Bracelet,
 the Crystal Bauble Ring,
 the Entwined Links Necklace,
and lots of Stud Earrings!

Visit the shop and have a look.  Owner Erin and her team of lovely ladies are nice as can be!  And the store is filled with plenty of fashionable finds and many notable Canadian faves.

809 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Hi! Happy Friday!

Some photos from the past few days...
The most delicious thing I have eaten in quite a while...  divine...  seriously...
 Amazing studded pattern on Alaia bag.
 My new Paul Smith shades!  Thanks to my Sis and the fiancĂ©.
 Half finished Entwined pieces.
Cosby sweater. 
The common paper lantern made much prettier with paper circles.

That's it for now.  Be back later...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coupon Code for One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale, March 28-April 1, 2012

Happy Monday, oh lovely readers.  Hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend.

I have been quietly working on goods to exhibit at the
The Show is weeks away, but I know many of you like to plan ahead!
Here is an e-coupon to save $3 off the cost of admission at the door.

Go HERE to purchase tickets and enter Coupon Code ADcp96h.
This year the Show's on from March 28-April 1.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Week's end

It's Friday already!  I have no idea where that week went...  It's been a hectic one where I got busy working on orders while sneaking out as much a possible to enjoy the nice weather we have had.  Here are a few snaps...

Stalactite Briolette Necklace
Tried to re-organize my work space inspired by a huge load of shipping envelopes from J. and T.  (Thanks!)  Ready to receive loads of orders now!
Flipped through my copy of Plaid Magazine (with the Twinkle Gem Necklace on the pretty lady on the left.)
Played with cord... working on some pieces from the Entwined series.
Visited Charlie Boutique with our out of town visitor.
 Lots of cute things in there...   
 Loved the vibrant blue skies earlier this week.  Can't get enough of the warmth of the afternoon sun .
Made Crystal Bauble Rings... and lots of other things...
And there went the week!

Happy weekend to you!


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