Monday, November 30, 2009

6 Days left at the One of a Kind Show

Tomorrow there will be a selection of new exhibitors arriving in the 5/6 day section. This marks the midway point of the show! Come by and visit us. Another reminder -- above is an e-Coupon for $9 admission when you purchase your ticket(s) online on the One of a Kind Show website using coupon code AD24h6e. The show runs until Sunday, December 6th!

Star Presents

Recently I designed some items for Star Presents, Astrological Goodies and Gift Bags. Their mission is to create eco-friendly astrologically designed goodies and gift bags for women that delight the senses & inspire the mind.

The site has just launched and just in time for the Holiday Season! I wish them much success! Visit the site to find out more and to see some of the special MoonRox items made just for Star Presents!

Photos and logo taken from

Citrine for November

It's the last day of November, but I didn't want to forget to post about this month's birthstone. It's citrine -- a beautiful weighty but soft yellow-coloured stone. Here is the Long Locket Necklace in Golden Yellow and of course there is a citrine bead mixed in there.

To see more on this necklace, see the listing in the MoonRox Etsy Shop HERE.

I'm going to make sure to not post about December's birthstone so late into the month!

I like F-Troupe shoes

I saw these F-Troupe shoes at Robber on Queen St. last week. They were perfect, but my foot was not well enough to bear the heels quite yet, so I was good and did not buy them. Love them!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some nice finds for kids at the One of a Kind Show

We are four days into the One of a Kind Show and I have seen some great things by other artists and artisans. I thought I'd post about some standout childrens' wares for kids of all ages!

I've been a big Monster Factory (TM) fan from the beginning. Here are some fantastic specimens.

I could keep putting up great pics of these guys. Rhya Tamasauskas, Bliss Man and Adam Dunn do an amazing job with these well-made plushies. To see more on the Monster Factory website, go HERE. To view their One of a Kind Show profile, click HERE. See the Monsters in person at the show at booth W-06.
Photos taken from

Sandra Ciganic-McKinney of Petit Flaneur makes the most beautiful and well designed children's toys, many of which are amazing enough to suit any adult.

S. and I fancied the mobiles. There was one in yellow and off-white felt that featured a sunny side up egg, a waffle, a slice of toast with butter and a mug of tea. This one below is pretty darned cute as well. They would look just as great in a child's room as a kitchen.
Go HERE to view the Petit Flaneur website, and HERE to see the designer's One of a Kind Show profile. Visit her at the OOAK at booth H-43 in the Rising Stars section.
Photos taken from

I also came across Cate & Levi Collection. I was really into the bear and the koala. These environmentally responsible toys are too cute!

Go HERE to see the Cate & Levi website . They are in booth S-29 at the One of a Kind Show.
Photos taken from www.cate&

It seems that I am a big kid at heart as I am often drawn to kids' stuff!

Anyhow, I'll keep my eyes out for more goodies. Come see the show! There are over 800 vendors! Check out this earlier post for an e-COUPON on One of a Kind Show admittance. Don't forget the MoonRox booth is in Z-15. See you!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

One of a Kind Show, Day 3

So far, the One of a Kind Show has been a great time. I've had lots of excellent help and met so many nice customers, both new and old! Come by and see the array of MoonRox in Booth Z-15.

Here is the display in the centre aisle.

This is the Radiate Necklace paired with the Radiate Earrings.

These are the very popular Shimmer Rings in both Square and Round.

And here are some glances of the lovely the booth!

Come see it in person! For details on the One of a Kind Show and for an E-COUPON on admittance, scroll down to this post.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All set for the One of a Kind Show!

I didn't get around to taking a photo today, but thanks to helping hands, I am all ready for the One of a Kind Show to open tomorrow! I saw several familiar faces nearby, so I'm excited to check out everyone's new wares. Come by and say hello... MoonRox will be in Booth Z-15. See yesterday's post for details and a coupon for a discount on admittance!
Here's an image from the One of a Kind Show website.

Monday, November 23, 2009

One of a Kind Show, November 26 - December 6

Come see us at the

One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale!

MoonRox will be in Booth Z-15.

The show runs from November 26th to December 6th, 2009 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto.


weekdays 11am to 10pm, saturdays 10am to 9pm, sundays 10am - 6pm

For more on MoonRox, visit

For details on the Show, go to

To buy discounted tickets online for only $9,

enter coupon code AD24h6e.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crisp Cranberry

I got a kind message that a Red Rox Choker is featured in a festive Crisp Cranberry treasury. Check it out here. Thanks to mistflowerphoto.

For more on the Rox Choker, check out the listing in the MoonRox Etsy Shop. It comes in many more colours!

Some fuzzy faves

I ventured out with a few friends for a bite and drinks, despite having far too much work I should have been doing. Perhaps attempting to do this two nights in a row is too much for me! This evening, we traipsed from establishment (too empty) to establishment (too crowded) to establishment (too loud) and then we felt really old and anti-social and decided to call it a night. So now I am at home and wide awake but I've decided it is far too late to start working on real work, so I have perused the net and found these fuzzy gems. Enjoy!

Now I am off to bed... Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend! I have 2 more real work days left to finalize all my show prep before I go to set up my booth! The countdown is on...

All images taken from sellers' Etsy shops.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Colours from this week

Sorry for the no-blogging of late. I have been busy busy busy! With only a few days left until the One of a Kind Show, things have been pretty hectic around here. Here are a few miscellaneous snapshots from this week.

I caught up with S.K. mid-week... she gave me a nice get-well from the broken foot prezzie that included these awesome knit slippers. Love the colours and their old-fashioned handmade quality. The broken foot itself is much better. The muscles are still quite stiff, but I am sure it does not help that I am mostly indoors and not stretching it out with proper walking. I hope to be limp-free in the next week or so.

Here's my new string of lights all ready to go for my booth at the Show. They look amazing when they are lit.

And recently, I have been stitching headbands and hair clips. I still hope to make several more!
Okay... back to work!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm healed!

I was given the A-okay from the doctor this morning. My foot fracture has healed! He said I could wean off the cast over a couple days and gradually re-introduce all regular activities. Then I admitted that I had already weaned off a fair bit... as in only wearing the boot cast for a few hours a day. The boot can be so cumbersome, and was getting really beat up and hard to keep clean for indoor use. He just smiled and shrugged and then said I am good to go to get back to normal immediately! I was pretty darn happy to be free again and took a big long walk to re-awaken the muscles. Not easy, but I'm sure in a few days everything will feel much better. Yay!

The One of a Kind Show starts 2 weeks from today! I'm so relieved to be cast free and able to drive!

Here's another image from the Show's Gift Guide! I posted a little while back about some MoonRox items being included. Come by to check out the work of over 800 artists and artisans.

Image from

Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Rox Hair Pins

At every One of a Kind Show, these Big Rox Hair Pins, as well as the other hair pins that I make using vintage 1960's components, are a HUGE hit. They are excellent quality hair clips and make a great gift item. I'm making sure that I have a lot for you to choose from this time around!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gorgeous weekend

It was practically balmy this weekend. We took advantage and hit a patio on Saturday aft. So nice to feel a hit of nice warm sun. I was feeling especially indulgent lounging on a patio after going for really good dim sum with the God-family at Dynasty. I still managed to squeeze in some jewellery-making over the relaxing weekend.

Today, C. and I went to Humber Bay Park West. Neither of us had been there before so it was a nice spot to come upon. The views there were lovely! The water was so still and clear and there was not a cloud in the sky.
I have a boot that is about as close a match to my cast as possible. Seems to work out quite well!
It felt like a one hour mini-vacation... I was just happy to see the horizon which is a rarity for me as a city dweller.
I was trying to get a nice photo of these two ducks when a flock of Canada geese flew by in perfect V-formation.
My camera was too zoomed for the duck shot to catch the whole flock of geese, but I caught this snap as they flew just below us.

Then we headed to Kensington to meet A. for the rest of the afternoon. Went to the Grilled Cheese for yes, a grilled cheese. The place was cute and the sandwiches yummy, but the wait of over 20 minutes was too long and the hair in my delish sammy was unsavoury! Anyhow, it was dealt with in an uncomfortable way and I won't get into it, but I won't be going back.
Oh well... Hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend as well! I was having trouble keeping myself indoors with all the work that is waiting for me when it was 18 degrees outside in November. Will have to try to restrain myself tomorrow.

I'm off to write comments on the local restaurant reviews...


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