Sunday, December 30, 2012


I can hardly believe that we are a day away from saying goodbye to 2012.  This year flew by...  I seem to say that more and more, which means I must be getting old...  or having fun... I prefer the latter, though maybe it's a bit of both.  This past month has been a lovely one.... Fall is always the busiest MoonRox time of year, and this year seemed particularly more busy than others, but we mixed in as many good people and as many festive follies as possible.  Here is a load of photos with some quick notes.    
 Beautiful, and edible I believe, Christmas balls
Yummy treats on cold days.
 Glitter everywhere!
 Finally a couple moments for some neglected tasks. 
Drawing I did for our school Christmas card back in 1989, waaaay before the day of accessible colour printing.
 A charming visit at the Headmistress Pop-Up Shop.
 Crafty fun.
 Dinner parties and sweet treats.
 Results of crafty fun with From the Sea Necklace.
Everyone needs a glitter safari!!
 Tasty lunch breaks.
 Fun Holiday parties.
 Want to put this neon tape on everything and anything.
 Pretty package at the ribbon shop.
Pierogi fest!
Post-pierogi night clean-up.
 Some MoonRox with some other jewels in my collection. 
 Sparkly PavĂ© Earrings.
 Afternoon snacks.
 More arm gear!
 Fancy nails.
 Down and dirty dumplings!
 Making special orders.
 Braving the mall, just days before Christmas.
 Amazing Solstice meal with cheek cramping laughs.
 Christmas cactus that may be older than me.  How does it know exactly when to bloom?
 Grilled cheese.
 Necklace in the works.
 Cool lights in a retail window.
 Gussied up gifts.
 Non-stop eating.
 Casual Christmas Eve feast.
 Casual, but still wore sequins, cause why not?
 Still eating.
 And more...  
Loved these cookies my Sis made -- chocolate chip sea salt filled with nutella.
 46 second Christmas tree.
Most awesome holiday drinks with nice peeps!
And there we are... just about to wrap up 2012. Now for New Years Eve!  Any fun plans?

Oh!  And don't forget that our BOXING DAY SALE ends today!  The website apparently needed a wee holiday, but is back to work.  She is up and running smoothly.  Have a gander over here!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

SALE extended!!

It seems that a few people have had trouble loading our website, so as a small apology for any inconveniences, we have extended our BOXING DAY SALE through to Sunday!  Really hoping to have the glitch sorted soon. Thanks for your understanding and happy shopping!  There are some super steals in the shop!  Take advantage!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Christmas with loved ones... now for the BOXING DAY SALE details!  Here's the flyer!  Save on regular priced items and sale items too!  The sale ends December 28th!  Happy shopping!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jewels for Christmas

It's been a manic season of making and sharing my work with jewellery lovers.  I've gotta say this year's busy season seemed to go by too quickly.  I really enjoyed all of our fabulous customers and hearing about how their chosen piece of MoonRox has been part of special moments of their lives.  I know, I know... it's just jewellery... but still nice to hear!

I'm just about to ship out the final Christmas orders... and then I think my own Christmas shopping and crafting must be prioritized.  Looking forward to a weekend full of glitter, good food and cheer!

Happy Friday!  Happy weekend!  Happy Holidays!




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