Monday, August 29, 2011


I am a bit behind after the past couple weeks, but orders are in the works and hopefully, if I stay on track, several will be ready to ship in the next few days!
These are the new Marbled Hair Pins, ready to be sorted and packed.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Ex!

Here are some pics from this year's visit to the Ex! Didn't bring my actual camera as it was a rainy day, but phone pics are fun too! We only had an hour to run around frantically eating, riding and playing. And that we did!
(I am looking a bit crazed as I was exhausted!)
I happily flew around this ride like Superman then got off and was smacked with a raging headache... so I didn't venture on to any other rides. Plus, all I could think of was food...
Felt nauseous just watching my friends stumble out of the pods on the Zipper...
Our friend F. won me a Smurf! And is apparently excellent at the basketball toss!
Here I am, pleased as punch in my rain poncho. My new blue friend and I are checking out his pals. Some of them are ginormous!

Had a great time! Hope to head back for another visit this week. I just love all the colours and the gaudiness of the whole affair!

(Late August)

Ordinarily on a Sunday at this time, I would have been settling in at the lunch table with Grandma. We'd go for dim sum, or Swiss Chalet, or even a big rack of ribs. She loved ribs! It definitely feels odd to be sitting at my desk at this hour. It has been our routine to fill our Sundays with family meals with both my Mom's and my Dad's sides of the family. It has been a tough couple of weeks, but slowly things are soaking in and we are keeping busy with work and making sure to keep up with friends. Seems everyone wants to catch up at this time of year, with Summer nearing end and Labour Day approaching. I've got to say, it has been a nice distraction to see everyone.
Crafted some headbands with some little girls...
was told by a five year old that he did not know how he has survived without me -- made my day...
caught a concert...
went to the Ex (pics to come)...
went wedding dress shopping with the Sister...
ate gelato...
comforted a heartbroken friend...
went for bike rides...
watched with sadness as the country mourns a school friend's father...
celebrated some birthdays...
and spent quality time with family.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week we lost our Grandmother...

My cousin sent us this photo of her 1934 certificate from the Midwives Board of Hong Kong. She was just 20 years old. It's amazing to go through all of her photos and re-live the memories of years gone by. Sad to think of how much history and how many untold stories have left with her. She lived a long and full life and she will be deeply missed by our entire family. We'll always remember and cherish the times spent together.

May you rest in peace, dear Mah Mah.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Had a fun weekend out and about enjoying the city. On Saturday we brunched in Kensington after our late night the day before... then headed to the Island for an afternoon micro-vaycay!
This is no pink coral Bermuda sand, but it was still nice to relax by the water in the warm sunshine!
Grabbed dinner at the charming Rectory Café, which has a small but nice menu. Our meals were all pleasantly tasty!
Our afternoon was too brief! As the sun began to set, we biked over to catch the ferry back to the city. We shall have to return again for another mini getaway!
Love my Lilliput Hat! I've got another one that is being sized to my large noggin! Have to pick it up this week, but it's more of a Fall hat, so I'll have to wait to wear it!
Had a brief rest, before heading out for the evening. The highlight was catching our friend's 11 or 12 piece band play atop the bars on both sides at La Palette. Wish I had better photos.
Sunday was spent brunching and visiting with family. My Grandmother did not seem herself yesterday and this morning she was admitted to the hospital. I am really hoping she will feel better soon! Broke my heart to see her looking so little and helpless today in her hospital bed.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer days...

The Mode Show is over for another season. Now I am working on producing all the pieces that were ordered. I'll have news in the weeks to come about when new things are arriving in the shops! I hope you'll like the designs...

Seems like Summer is slipping away already! Of course I've had Fall on the mind for ages already... but now I can feel the nip of the "back to school feeling in the air." The last time I was in school was in 1999 during my days at Parsons. Plenty long ago, but I still get that dreaded feeling! So in the next couple weeks before Labour Day rears its head, I've got to remind myself to take full advantage of Summer!!

On the topic of Summer, here are the rather delayed photos from the Civic Holiday long weekend. I reluctantly joined my parents, sister and her fiancé on a family weekend in Collingwood. I was full of dread -- not sure about so much solid family time packed in a small place, and anxiety ridden over the amount of work I still had to accomplish leading up the the Mode Show. My mood was eased by perfect weather and lots of good food and it turned out to be a lovely weekend!
We toured artists' studios and galleries,
ate fresh corn,
feasted on the most outrageously delicious rosti encrusted Chilean sea bass that was infinitely better than it looks in this picture,
played board games,
I painted my nails like the starry nights I rarely see in the big city,
we dined al fresco,
and enjoyed the Tremont's ambiance.
Spent time at the busy beach, then later found a much preferred quiet and serene spot.
We took family photos,
stared at the horizon,
planned a painting in my mind,
or two...
Enjoyed more restaurants and icy treats,
and there went the long weekend...
then we were off... rolling back to the city on a steamy hot day.

Can't believe that was two weeks ago... time flies! It has been a busy time and I am feeling harried and in need of rest! I think I'll rest in September... must savour August!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mode Accessories Show - One more day!

Tuesday, August 9th is the last day of this season's edition of the Mode Accessories Show! It's been great to catch up with so many of my favourite buyers! It's also been fun to hang with so many other talented and creative designers in our aisle full of Canadian designed and made products. Come by booth 2208a if you are visiting the Mode Show tomorrow!

Friday, August 5, 2011

MoonRox Fall/Winter 2011 at the Mode Accessories Show

To our retailer friends, please come view
the MoonRox collection for Fall/Winter 2011.

August 7-9, 2011
Doubletree by Hilton, Toronto Airport Hotel

Look for MoonRox/Mehoi in booth 2208a in Area 2.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Oh, hello! I'm still around! Sorry for neglecting the ol' blog! I've been busy working away and took a little jaunt out of town for the long weekend. I took lots of pictures, but have yet to upload them, so that'll be another post. Here's one from my Sis... This pic cracks me up...

Just wanted to say hi!


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