Monday, December 10, 2012


'Twas a busy week trying to get back on track after the One of a Kind Show.  Been going through a bit of show withdrawal.  I enjoy chatting with people about my work and playing jewellery dress up with them.  This time, it really seemed as though the One of a Kind breezed by in two secs.  I had lots of friends and family chip in and could not have had such a successful show without them.  I'm so very thankful!  

Now to deal with the remnants of the craft show explosion that takes over my life a few times a year.  Sorting through all the neglected tasks in work and regular life...  Ploughing through jewellery orders that had to get out...  Some for individual customers and some for stores too. This evening I am making slow progress on a one and a half foot high pile of unopened mail and returning things to their rightful spots. 

Another thing to catch up on is blogging...  Here are some photos that I have neglected to share over the past month or so.  Some of this seems like ages ago, but here goes...  Above is a tiny book of Instagram pics that I got printed at Printstagram.  It is gosh darn adorable.  Got some other cute things and will have to remember to take some photos to show you later.
Bunz threw a kick-ass birthday celebration for M. last month.  Beer and cheese tasting followed by a tasty meal.
Yah monn, was real nice.
 Painted a long overdue project.
Had a giant old saw sitting behind my front door for maybe 4 years.  Promised to paint a scene on it for B. and R.'s cottage.  Let's just say I am deadline oriented.  Never tell me to take my time!
It finally got did!  And I think they liked it!
Celebrated with smiley beer.
Brunched with my pal.  Fried chicken on waffles must be photographed.
Perused the Queen St. edition of the Junction Flea.  Love the terrariums from Crown Flora Studio.
And dig the sweet arrangements from Coriander Girl.  Flowers are just pure beauty.  Nature amazes me.
Carted some goodies around in the bike basket in my new Russet and Empire Thank You shopper.
Gawked at the brilliant sunset over Trinity Bellwoods Park.  
Helpful kind friend and work breaks with ice cream.  
Festive decor at Nathan Phillips Square.
Cute holiday cards found in aforementioned large pile of mail.   
Now finally photos from this past week.  Took the day off last Monday.  Such a nice treat to have a day of absolutely no work and plenty of pampering after so many days standing on concrete floors in a hall with no natural light.  Plus you are talking to people all day.  Slept in, then happily made the bed with new Avril Loreti throw cushions.  Toddled around lazily, sipped tea and didn't talk to a soul until noon.
 Then met up with G. for our day of indulgence.  
Couldn't leave the jewels at home though.  Here are some of my faves lately.  Crystalized Bracelet, Entwined Stalactite Bracelet, chain maille bangle (by Ian Savage) and Shine Bracelet.  Spoiled myself in literally the last seconds of the One of a Kind Show and picked up the Mini by Hoi Bo that I had coveted.  This is not a great picture of it, but gotta say, it's the perfect little bag for me.  Fits all the essentials and a bottle of water and umbrella too!  I can never have enough handbags, or shoes, or sunglasses... or jewellery, of course!
We had a pretty damn good day off.
Now for this weekend.  It was action packed.  Caught up with out of town visitors... hit up a party or two... went to City of Craft to remedy my show withdrawal.
Loved this weird and wonderful knitted reef.
Admired my talented neighbour Emily Taylor's work.  So that's what goes on next door...
Such a fun show with a great vibe.  Love these charming wee paintings by Queen of the Cats.
The highlight of my weekend was that I had a great reunion with JW.  Didn't take any photos unfortunately. Hadn't seen him in 5 years.  It's the best when you can see an old friend and banter like you just saw them yesterday.  Loved laughing over foolish and hilarious stories of our younger days.  Mustn't let 5 years zoom by again.

So there's my update of the miscellany of recent days.  This post has taken me a tremendously long time due to the spinning rainbow of death on my poor computer.  Now I am wiped out and off to bed!  Struggling to ward off all the illnesses that have recently taken down one after another around me.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Another busy week ahead...  Lots of jewels to be made!




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