Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jewels galore

I've taken so many photos of jewels that I have yet to share on the blog.  Apologies if you have already seen these pics already, but they are so fun, I had to share again!  For more info on any of these pieces, check out the website, or send us a note.
Shine Bracelet, vintage Bakelite bangles, Entwined Rope Bracelet, Crystalized Bracelet
Oval Cut Crystal Bauble Ring
Tiny Domino Necklace
Pearlette Stud Earrings
Entwined Stalactite Bracelet, Pyramid Bracelet
Assorted Tiny Necklaces
Moonshadow Bracelet
Pod Hair Pins
Moonshadow Bracelet
Tiny Locket Necklace
Moonshadow Pendants
Bouquet Stud Earrings
Moonshadow Bracelet
Hair Pins in shades of green
Triangular Hair Pins
Floral Crystal Bauble Ring
Entwined Necklace
Tassel Bangle
Oval Cut Crystal Bauble Ring
Charming Necklace - Telephone
Entwined Wrap Bracelets
Assorted Hair Pins

More posts coming up soon!  Lots to catch up on!

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