Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tea time

The Dagg and Stacey girls and I finally got to get together after all sorts of things slowed us down... babies, illnesses, over-working, winter...

Friday was the first sunny warm-ish day that we have had in a long time. We sat in the sweet sunny window at the Kitten and The Bear and caught up thoroughly over tasty house made buttermilk scones and delicious jams. Seemed especially civilized compared to our recent meetings - harried his and byes and coffee runs at the One of a Kind Show.

The lovely and oh so relaxing outing, was the perfect start to a glorious Spring weekend filled with sunshine, long random walks and shenanigans! Love how a little dose of warm weather brings people out of the woodwork and makes everyone so happy. If every day was sunny and say... 24 degrees, I'd be one happy clam! Will be cracking down on work and trying to make a meal or two at home over the next few days. 

Now back to my late night paperwork! 



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