Thursday, October 27, 2016

MoonRox Collection for Fall/Winter 2016

(Photography by Joseph Saraceno.)
I've been waiting to share this! The new Collection of Fall/Winter 2016 is now up on the website! Check out the new pieces at I really hope you will like the new designs!

Pictured here are the New Rox Chokers. The original Rox Choker was one of my very first designs when I launched MoonRox way back in 1999. Some of you may remember it! It was a piece that really motivated the start of my business. I had spent my whole life making things. My hands were never idle and I was always creating or drawing. This was the piece that turned one of my hobbies and passions into an almost two decade long career. So I am very grateful to the Rox Choker, and I an super excited to bring a new updated version to you today.

Check out the rest of the collection online! I'll be sharing more photos of the new pieces (and more Italy travel diaries) in the upcoming days.

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