Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day gift ideas

I can't believe it is already February 3rd! What happened to January? Despite the fact that time is getting fairly tight for ordering Valentine's day gifts online, I have put together a group of items that I fancy. Some are more Valentine suitable than others, but all are great gems! First off are a few MoonRox items:

There are lots of other Tokens available. Check them out here.

Every lovable Torontonian or Toronto lover needs one of these!

These are great -- even people that don't like hearts like these hearts!

Puffy Heart Necklace in shades of green by MoonRox
A super cute heart!

And now for some non-MoonRox items...

These come in an assortment of colours. So great!

There is a huge discount on this 5 arm lovely until Valentine's Day.

Bonus points for this item -- 20% goes to the American Red Cross in Haiti.

Perfect for a moody type!

Above 2 images: Vintage Scarf Quilts by Ouno in Vancouver.
I've admired a few of these scarf quilts by this designer over the years. They are so fun and vibrant and must feel fantastic to curl up in.
Mmm. Looks like the perfect combination of salty and sweet! I am salivating just looking at this picture. haveitconfections is the featured seller on Etsy right now. There are so many delicious looking treats to shop from.

Hope everyone is more on it with the Valentine's Day goodies than I am. I'm late on compiling this due to too much time spent on Mode Show this and that. Now that all the orders are in, I can concentrate on producing the items and getting packages filled with MoonRox sent out to all the great stores! That's it for tonight's long post! A bientôt!

Photos in this post were taken from respective sellers' Etsy shops.

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