Monday, July 11, 2011

TOAE 2011

Enjoyed a nice Saturday afternoon walkabout at this year's edition of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Sad to say that I didn't manage to take great photos, but here are some of what caught my attention. I loved these ceramic tile art pieces by Susan Card. I was particularly drawn to this iceberg piece. I stuck my nose right up to it before I realized it was ceramic and the image was created with glazes.
Here are some of Susan's Pandorae and Nudibranchia pieces.
And here she is inside her booth.
This is the fibre installation by Amanda McCavour. It is so much more amazing in real life. This photo does it no justice, but I am still posting it to remind myself to keep a look-out for her work in the future. Each little spiro of neon thread was stitched/drawn by machine and hung carefully. Amanda won the award for her category.
Above is a Wonky Box by Paul Szewc of Masterpiece. I have been neighbours with him before at the One of a Kind Show and he and his family are the nicest people. He does a fantastic array of work with wood ranging from kitchen utensils to guitars. It was nice to see some of his newer work as I had not seen his exhibit in a few years.
Here is a detail of an aluminium piece by Dave Hind. I was interested in the nice play with light and painterly quality that he was able to achieve with metal.
I enjoyed the Exhibition as always! It was a hot sunny day, just the way I like it!

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