Monday, November 21, 2011

Contest winners are...


IrismooninTheCity and Kiera!

First prize is awarded to IrismoonInTheCity!  IrismoonInTheCity has won two free tickets to the One of a Kind Show and a $25 MoonRox Gift Certificate!

2nd prize goes to Kiera!  Kiera has won a pair of free tickets to the show too!

Thanks to everyone for entering and for the nice comments!  I'll be in touch with the winners!


IrismoonInTheCity said...

That's me! Hooray! I've just checked my gmail but don't see a message from you....please tell me how to claim my prize. I can be reached at or

Kiera said...

YEA ME!! Thanks sooo much Monique! Can't wait to come and buy some jewellery! from you1

Thanks Again.

Marcus said...

Hopefully I will win the next time.....I can't wait to see you at the show!


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