Friday, February 10, 2012

Week's end

It's Friday already!  I have no idea where that week went...  It's been a hectic one where I got busy working on orders while sneaking out as much a possible to enjoy the nice weather we have had.  Here are a few snaps...

Stalactite Briolette Necklace
Tried to re-organize my work space inspired by a huge load of shipping envelopes from J. and T.  (Thanks!)  Ready to receive loads of orders now!
Flipped through my copy of Plaid Magazine (with the Twinkle Gem Necklace on the pretty lady on the left.)
Played with cord... working on some pieces from the Entwined series.
Visited Charlie Boutique with our out of town visitor.
 Lots of cute things in there...   
 Loved the vibrant blue skies earlier this week.  Can't get enough of the warmth of the afternoon sun .
Made Crystal Bauble Rings... and lots of other things...
And there went the week!

Happy weekend to you!

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