Monday, March 26, 2012


Other than a couple days smattered here and there, the weather here has been killer!  It has made it hard to concentrate, especially in this busy time leading up to the One of a Kind Show.  The nice thing is that it has been warm enough on many days to sit outside and work-work-work, while daydreaming of long sunny bike rides and sipping cool drinks on a balmy beach.  Perhaps I can find some time to make that dream come true soon!  Here are a few photos taken recently.
  A bunch of Tulip Hair Pins.  Perfect for Spring!
Building up stock!  
Entwined Links Necklaces.
KK's amazingly delicious homemade fish tacos
followed by an assortment of macorons... yum.
Indulgent meal with a lovely group in the wine cellar/cheese cave at Enoteca Sociale.  
It was delectable and scrumptious and over-the-top.  I'm still full just thinking about it!

Today I am doing lots of last minute things before I set-up tomorrow at the One of a Kind!

I've extended the deadline for the draw to win free tickets to the Show.  It now closes at 11:59pm tonight.  Please enter!  It's easy and no strings attached!

Happy Monday!



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