Friday, July 13, 2012


It has been another manic week and I don't know how it could possibly be Friday already...

Been busy working away... though I may have squeezed some wings and beer and a Summerlicious meal in there...  roped in so many people to help me out on my side project which we have been working on in my temporary "studio."  So incredibly thankful or I would be nowhere near the almost-done stage I am at now.  It's nice to have the company and the support of good friends!  Being trapped indoors for super long hours has made me love my bike more and more.  Scooting up and downtown daily has been so pleasant on these gorgeous Summer days, plus a great way to clear the head especially after inhaling too many toxic fumes...  Looking forward to finishing this project and getting back on track with MoonRox proper and remedying this horrible case of workaholism.

Almost time to change seasons at MoonRox. Here is a snap of our friend Stacey of Dagg and Stacey sporting a bracelet that will be coming soon for Fall/Winter 2012.

Back to work!  Hope you enjoy the weekend!  Happy Friday the 13th.



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