Monday, August 20, 2012

An EX-cellent week

Had a great week last week and am a bit sad to see Monday here...  but this week may be just as good if not better than the last.  Here are some snapshots from last week.
  Afternoon lunch and flower shopping with Mom.
Coffee breaks and meetings.
Dining out of doors on tasty fish tacos.
Working on upcoming projects while admiring AK's living room wall installation.
Late night homemade desserts with fresh Summer peaches.
Morning bike rides by the water.
Music festing under the trees in the sunny park.
Admiring the city skyline from the west.  Strange blank billboard.
Princess gates at the CNE against a marvelous purple cotton candy sky.
Lounging at the Blue Rodeo concert while surveying the Ex.
Running around for some post-concert rides and photo-taking.
Our stomachs are not what they used to be in our youth.  Don't think whirring high speed rides sit quite as well any more!
Love the swings the best!
Not sure what it is about the supreme gaudiness of the annual fair that I enjoy so much.  Perhaps it is the many lights and colours.  Hope to go back to visit my fave buddies, the alpacas in the farm pavilion.
Was so happy to see so many different friends this past week and then finished things off with a Sunday family dinner to wind down and get ready for a busy work week!  Back to my pliers now.  Happy Monday!

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