Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jewel snapshots

I have always been someone who toted around a camera.  In recent years a small digital point and shoot... when I was younger it was my dad's old SLR, a big telephoto lens and a small film point and shoot. So, having the iPhone camera at my fingertips is like a dream come true for this camera geek.  Having all the photo editing apps is such a plus!  Here are some photos of MoonRox that I have taken in recent weeks. You may have seen these if you follow our Instagram or Facebook Page.  
Some wrist gear from the Entwined Series:
(L-R) Entwined Rope Bracelet in Turquoise/Ochre
 and Entwined Bracelet in Golden
Bits and bobs and some calipers inherited from my Grandfather on my Dad's side.

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