Monday, October 1, 2012

In season

Seasons are changing and habits are following suit.  Outdoor work sessions have turned into gnat filled nonsense.  Gelato days have turned into steamy hot pot eves!  Airy Summer tanks have turned into cosy knits and Fall jackets.  Here are some photos taken lately.
Cool treat.
Arm load: Entwined Wrap Bracelet, BFFB and Floral Crystal Bauble Bracelet mixed with other beaded gems,
Enjoying the balcony.
Working in the sun.
Personal deliveries on a cold grey day.  I look miserable, but I promise I was not!
Hearty meal and huge catch-up session.
Chilly bike rides.
Amazing buildings.
Transitioning wardrobe but sticking to the same tones.
Word on the Street cookbook options galore.
Nostalgic reads.
Yummy street food.
Worn Journal... Independent local publication.
Queen's Park grandeur.
Spicy hot tofu.
Packing special orders.
Charming handiwork.
Chef-ing up sauces.
Awesome Studio Sale finds.
Yummiest desserts... eaten for breakfast.
Nuit Blanche explorations.
More hearty feasts.  Yes, I take a lot of food pictures!
Relic Earrings.  On permanent rotation.

And that's all for now!  Time to call it a night.  My Sister tells me I am perpetually tired.  I am going to try to remedy this as I somehow always find myself awake into the wee hours no matter how good the intentions are.  I have three new books awaiting me... secretly hoping one will lull me to sleep... so, bye for now!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.



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