Saturday, October 6, 2012


This week I had scary moment... and a visit to the ER... with debilitating vertigo.  I could not move a single centimetre without feeling horrendously dizzy and nauseous.  It felt as if someone had found their way inside my head and was pulling me to the ground from the inside of my ears with all their might.  It is the worse feeling I have ever experienced and rendered me entirely helpless.  Unable to move comfortably, I lowered myself to the floor to a full horizontal sprawl.  I slowly slid across the room to reach upwards from my low position in order to unlock the front door so that help could reach me.  The 12 step distance that may normally take 1.5 seconds to travel took 20 minutes by my slow-glide method.  Crawling would have been too jarring an action.  It was half comical and half pathetic.  My family was so helpful.  A huge thank you to the troops who came to my rescue.  My resourceful sister called Telehealth and conferenced me in.  After a series of questions, they recommended I call 911.  I refused such an extreme measure and decided to taxi to the hospital.  Before we left for the hospital, I felt I was on the upswing and was able to stand up again... though wobbly.  It was diagnosed as benign vertigo or BPPV.  It came out of absolutely nowhere in literally one second.  I was so relieved to eventually improve and am crossing my fingers that I never have to suffer vertigo again.

Now, the reason I am sharing this on this here jewellery blog, is to remind people to have emergency plans in place.  Have telephones and numbers handy.  Make sure someone has a key or access to your home.  In my case, I will now keep water and maybe some meds near floor level should this happen again.  It's been a few days of resting, not getting up to much and I am feeling 95% better.  Not quite ready to drive a car or ride a bike yet though. Getting a little stir crazy, so hoping to be 100% tomorrow.

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