Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last month

The beginning of the year has been hectic... and I'm not exactly sure why! So, I have been a bit lax on the blogging!  To make up for it, here is a mega-dump of photos taken in the first month of 2013.  As you can see, there has been plenty of work, eat and drink.  This Winter has been so much colder than our balmy one last year. Makes me want to hibernate more, but then I bore easily and go out to do things and visit with people as much as I can. Bit of a constant conflict really...  It has been hard to focus on work with this easily distracted behaviour, but somehow things seem to always come together in the end!  I love the challenge of meeting a deadline! Debuted the Spring/Summer line at the trade show last week and received such a nice response!  Soon we'll have the website up to date and can show you the new goodies too! There are some sneak peeks in this post... but in the meantime, grab the SALE items in the shop while they are available!  A freshen up is coming very soon!!

Here are some photos!  Sorry for the redundancy if you follow on Instagram!  If you don't follow yet, look for @moonrox_ca.
Crystal Bauble Bib Necklace (available soon)
Tasty burger.
New camera purchased at a Boxing Day sale.  Loving it so far, especially with this rad case!
Testing out new camera on this fun make-up palette.
Became addicted to hot toddies.
A lovely Winter sunset.
Supply shopping search.
Love old ribbons.
Healthy meal after too many days of cookies and donuts!
Did a little boot operation and made them less jingly.  These are good S#$!-kickers as my Sister and I call them.
Nugget Necklace and an armload of bracelets.
Brunch.  I had the fried chicken sandwich.  So good.
Every cell phone I have had before the one with which this photo was taken.  No, I don't know why I keep them.
Chinese staircase braid.  Not sure what is so Chinese about it, but it's easy to do and looks pretty interesting.
Here's something Chinese. Fortune and Chinese food.  
We used to go to this restaurant in their previous location every Sunday at the same time.  They loved my Grandfather and treated him like gold.  They always saved us the same table by the front window and still welcome us super warmly so many years later.
Dinner with the friends.  Think I out ate the two of them combined.
Nouveau Earrings, available soon.
Sunny day in the city.
Dug out the wire and beaded bikini designed for a Tribe Magazine cover in the year 2000.  
Multi-jewel-toned nails.
Diner outing.
Afternoon work session.  Nice to change the scenery once in a while.
Looking for some new colours!
Looks chilly, but this was a day that was warm enough to work outside on toxic things!  Crazy surprise for January.
Most awesome phone case.
Afternoon breaks...
in pretty cafés.
Love wearing black and gold lately.
Left to Right:  Shine Bracelet (coming soon), dconstruct jewelry bangle, Entwined Stalactite Bracelet, Bow Bracelet (coming soon), and another by dconstruct.
Fancy huh?
I'm still kind of in love with our new MoonRox logo.  Also a bit obsessed with these gorgeous gold edges.
Love all the new tags too!
These Origami Hair Pins look fab on them.
Broke the little mirror I keep to check out new designs as I work.  Really hoping seven years of bad luck does not ensue.

 Expertly prepared cocktails: Pomme de Terroir
 and Old Fashioned.
(Freeze the water in the glass the night before.  Good tip.)
Pod Earrings.  Check the SALE section on the website... In a few days they will be gone!
Thoroughly addicted to eating this: Grilled chicken breast, chopped cucumber, tomato, marinated kale on quinoa with toasted pine nuts and dried cranberries.  Deelish.
Twinkle Pearl Creme Necklace.  
Send an email to info (at) moonrox (dot) ca if you are interested.  Other colours are available!!
Downtown at sunset while the moon rose.
Bundled up on a snowy trade show prep day... lugging stuff around.
Pictures from the Mode Show:  Entwined Bracelets
Cute and tasty cake pop from the lovely people at Headmistress.  
Greeting buyers with an armload of currently available to order pretties.
Especially obsessed with these three of late.
Shine Bracelet, Entwined Stalactite Bracelet and Bow Bracelet.
Got these sparkly little rings from my friends at House of Moda.  They are oh so lovely. This photo does not do them justice.
Enjoyed hanging with the talented illustrator and accessories designer behind Mehoi.
Ozlem of House of Moda in some dainty necklaces from their line piled on with the Moonshadow Necklace.
Exhibition floor.
Karyn of Lilliput Hats loaded up with the new Shine and Tiger Necklaces, both available soon.

My favourite part of these shows is visiting with other creative people and favourite buyers!  Thank you to all the retailers that stopped by our booth!

Next day, was back downtown and working away...
Bubbly Stud Earrings.  Only a few pairs remain!
Can't seem to stop dotting the nails.
And there went January!  

Be back with more soon!



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