Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This Winter seems so long to me... I think we are only half way through.  How have you been keeping warm?  Me, I cozy up indoors with lots tasty eats and piles of jewellery making... or bundle up in multiple layers and truck around to cozy up elsewhere with lots of tasty eats!  Here are some photos taken lately.  Been a bit snap happy with my new camera.  Still learning how to use it.  One day I will have to dedicate a weekend to reading the manual online.  Plus I always take a lot of phone pics.
Bright Lights Bracelet in Mint.
Coffee afternoon.
Day drinking and banter.
Lady Di was listening.
My pretty new rings from our friends at House of Moda
Camera in case and Hoibo mini.
 Three cute hair pins for an even cuter two year old.
Artful desserts.
Savoury and sweet yummies.
Calm moment in the café.
Large Sparkle Dot Stud Earrings. 
Donut break.
Sending off our loyal old friend, the penny.
Failed baking endeavours.  Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies with sea salt.  Almost chipped my tooth.  Next time will have to get the proven and delicious recipe from my Sister and not trust random find from Pinterest.
J. and T.'s annual Superbowl party.  Good times!
Gluten free and regular crust pizzas.  
The gluten-filled one was so much tastier.  Darned gluten.
I live in this cozy sweater and will continue to until 25 degrees Celsius or May, whichever comes first.  Don't judge me if I am wearing this if you see me.
Snow day in Toronto.
Love how peaceful the semi-deserted city can be.
I kind of like a good snow day.  If it's going to be cold, we may as well have a pretty blanket of snow coating our city.  So I (unwisely) went for a midnight walk, just to enjoy the sparkly clean snow.  Had to enjoy it 'cause as soon as the snow gets trampled and muddy, I curse it and wish it would all go away. 
Random lemon photo.  I was playing with the manual focus of my camera.  Plus I love citrus everything.
Suffered a painful cross town excursion waiting in aforementioned dirty snow for 1 hour and 15 minutes for a streetcar that never arrived.  Lost feeling and flexibitlity in my feet and complete faith in our public transit system, but met the kindest cab driver that let me warm my toes on the dashboard heater... then I was treated to such a nice dinner with some of my favourite peeps.  This giant meatball was delicious.
Turned out to be a lovely evening...
complete with a brief visit inside a yurt.
Went bananas on the fingernails and found myself staring at the cheery dappled coloured bits all week. Will have to try this again with a more restrained palette.
Love my re-usable thank you bag.
Dropped off new jewels and ogled the kick-ass hand drawn temporary tattoos at Frock.
Brunch with every board game option.
Six unsuspecting piggies went for dim sum...
Celebrated the lunar new year with family.
Caught up on house work and as a side effect, fell in love with my Fire-King collection all over again.

Those are the random photos for now.

Been having some technical difficulties with the website.  Some evil 'bot has hacked it and after a few stressful days and sleepless nights, I have chosen to ignore the problem hoping it would just plain go away.  Not the way things happen, so I'll have to face reality and get on top of that. Hoping to be up to date soon and then we'll be able to share more jewellery pictures with you!  In the meantime, visit the SHOP for any of your MoonRox needs!

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