Saturday, April 6, 2013


March was so cold... and April seems to be starting off the same way.  These are a few photos taken while huddled indoors working away in preparation for last week's One of a Kind Show.  This post, and likely the next couple are rather delayed, but I have had a lot to catch up on, so please excuse me!
A pile of gloriously shiny beads to create with.
Confection Bracelets in progress.  Delicious colours new for this season are not shown in this photo...
Love how the days are getting longer.  Everything looks better in daylight.  Moonshadow pieces in progress.
Hot cup of tea and colourful beading.
A new Tiny Necklace to add to the big list of Tinies!  The Tiny Book Locket Necklace!
Little bit obsessed with this one lately.  The Bow Bracelet.  I wear it almost every day stacked with lots of other MoonRox pieces.
Tagging Hair Pins.
(Thank you to J.S. that helped me tag every single earring, necklace and bracelet!  You are the best!!)
Got stickers printed.
The Carnival Necklace!  A new design that was just introduced at the Show.  We have so many great customers that are so familiar with the line and are so kind as to come to my booth every time, so I always like to introduce some new things they have not seen yet.  Always have to create a few showstoppers designed to launch at the Show!  These are so fun.  I cannot get enough of the amazing juicy colours.  I had the frosted drop-shaped beads for a little while and could not settle on what to do with them.  Finally came up with this and I am pretty pleased!  I had so much fun choosing just the right colour combinations.  The Necklace is super wearable and perfect for that pop of colour that is so hot this season!
The Carnival Necklace comes in 7 fantastic colour combos and is now available as part of the Spring/Summer Collection.  Have a look here to find out more.

In the next post, we'll share some photos taken at the Show.

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