Saturday, April 6, 2013

At the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale

I had so much fun at the show as usual! I love feeling the buzz in the air and seeing the familiar faces every show. Over the years we have gotten to know our regular customers and it is such a joy to watch little kids grow up, girls get married, lovely mamas return with new additions, different generations enjoying the One of a Kind Show together.  I was once the little kid that went to the Show too.  As a crafty little one, I LOVED it and always left feeling inspired to make things and excited about my new purchases.  Thinking back, it must have been in the early years of the Show that my Mom and Aunt L. first brought me and my Sister.  Aunt L. thinks I was 5 or 6, so that would be the early 1980's.  I love to think that people are going home with my work and cherishing it the way I still adore me some handmade goods.  Anyhow, enough about me.  Here are some photos taken over this five day Show.
This is the charming Jillian of Headmistress Accessories in one of her flower crowns and the Moonshadow Necklace in Blush.  Jill reports that she wears it often and I think it looks amazing on her!
 Here is the delicate Dainty Bracelet.  This customer found one that perfectly matched her scarf.
The newest addition to the line -- The Carnival Necklace.  This is the Coral combo, but 6 other combos are also available!
See!  Here is Jill again!  She and her sis are both sporting Carnival Necklaces!
Lion Necklace... A Tiger Necklace is also available.
The talented designers of Patouche and Julie Sinden Handmade fame.  One came already wearing MoonRox.  Both left wearing some Rox!
This family now each has a Gem Necklace.  The last remaining holdout of the four ladies (one is not in the photo) picked out one at this Show.  They are all such lovely people and wear the necklaces so well! Makes me super happy!
Good Friday at the Show was manic.  I recalled previous Good Fridays being busy, but I had forgotten how crazy it can get.  This was taken when I sat down to make a quick phone call.  The only three minutes spent seated that day!  I'm wearing an arm load.  L-R: Tassel Bangle, Moonshadow Bracelet, Floral Crystal Bauble Bracelet, Entwined Stalactite Bracelet and Entwined Wrap Bracelet.
The next day I managed to steal a few moments to check out some of the work out there!  I enjoyed the new Etsy Section.  These are some adorable prints from ZukZuk.
Also happened on these heavenly soaps on my wanderings.  They are from Liv Simple Farms and are all natural goat's milk and lavender based with other essential oils blended in.  Can't wait to try them out.  Wished I had a chance to check out some of their other products too...
I've long admired the photographic art pieces from Patrick Lajoie.  There was a large round piece of a beach scene that was happy and ethereal and just lovely.  
This is a snapshot from the Scout & Catalogue booth.  Such divine scarves and accessories.  I snatched one up and will show you a pic in my next post.

I was so happy to meet my new Intsagram friend from Swaine Street Woodworking.  Jana was so friendly and warm and she makes perfect cutting boards.  
Zoomed around to visit some of the friends also exhibiting. Here is a photo of the sweet textile plant pots that Bookhou is now making.  Love the idea of a soft item that is almost always not! 
And speaking of talented friends... Here is Stacey of Dagg and Stacey outfitted entirely in a dreamy ensemble of Dagg and Stacey and MoonRox jewels.
And now back to some more MoonRox pics... A pile of Confection Bracelets good enough to eat!
Blogger Laura of Wellington and Grey in a the Tassel Bracelet that perfectly matched her outfit, but it was another that went home with her.
Prior to the show I had done my nails in a pattern inspired by the Carnival Necklace, so when we sold out, I just had to stay up late to make more!
A sunny yellow Moonshadow Necklace getting packed up in a sweet little box!
Taking a breather in my favourite Dagg and Stacey dress with the Chevron Necklace, a Confection Bracelet and two Tassel Bangles.
Fashion designer Eve Gravel in her new Fireworks Necklace.  I love these... and thought it suited Eve perfectly.  Looks amazing.
This is a photo of me that J. Mo took.  Thank you to J.Mo, A.C., B.C., J.S., S.P., S.F., V.G. and my Mom for all the manpower and hard work prior to and over the course of the Show as well as during set-up and take-town.  And thank you also to those that kindly offered up their help and supported me in other ways!
C'est tout! There ended another One of a Kind Show.  Thank you to everyone that came by and supported MoonRox.  We have the very best customers in the world and I'm already looking forward to the Christmas Show.  Thank you, thank you!



P.S.  One more OoaK post ahead... the goodies I made away with!

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