Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In and around town

Just got in from a night time bike ride along the waterfront and feeling wide awake.  Perfect time to catch up on a little blogging.  I snap so many photos, so here is a little of this and a little of that! 

 Diner yummies.
A peek into Sister's terrarium from Crown Flora Studio.
 Fat quarters at the Workroom.
 Fashion District.
 Twinkle toes.  
 Addicted to these.
Sister's cupboard.  We can never get enough FireKing and Pyrex!  As you can see, she is more discriminating with her colour palette.  I go more for multi-colour!
Must see more live music this Summer...
 Scenes from the Dagg and Stacey studio sale a few weeks back.
Left with a lovely dress I am quite excited to break out.

 Lots of arm wear on three ladies -- all MoonRox, but one.
 Found these little studies done in art school... many, many years ago.
 Love spring flowers.  Especially love sniffing lilacs in bloom!
 A birthday gift to be gifted.
 Patio feasting.
 Petals falling like glitter, though not terribly obvious in this photo.  Trust me, it was pretty!
 A's delicious galbi and jap chae...
 and delectable chocolate ganache.
 Shopping in the market for my little herb garden.
Some must do, but therapeutic tasks. Tag, tag, taggity tag!

Been super indulgent lately.  Lots of celebrations and outings, plus plenty of spontaneous get togethers, so it's been nice to get out on quiet evening walks and bike rides.  This is my favourite time of year.  Wish I could keep Spring all year 'round!  Hope you have been enjoying Spring too!  




P.S.  Still more posts to catch up on...  

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