Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In no particular order: work, bejewel, eat, drink, play, etc.

A corner at home.
Found photocopy of an early MoonRox Bracelet from 2000 or so.
Love roaming through colourful alleyways.
CN Tower against a bright sky just before sunset.
Biggest papaya I have ever seen.
Lunch break.
Zine by illustrator Emily Taylor.
(Note to self: Eat better.)
Handy Necklace - scissors.  Other tools are available and just as neat-o.
Delicious fish tacos.
Cute little lunch date
Took many years, but finally chose a new floor lamp for the living room and am quite pleased with it!
Tassel Bangle, Shine Bracelet and a sample.
Amazing cotton candy skies.
Rainbow on a frigid and rainy day.
Kensington wanders.
Pierogi feast.
Bracelets and more bracelets!
Patio snacks.
(Second note to self: eat better.)
Ball game with friends.
Obsessed with Spring flowers... as you can see.
Green juice.
Marbled nails, some MoonRox, some Dconstruct Jewelry bangles.
So happy to be riding the bike around!
Spring is my favourite.  So many pretty blooms, long sunny days, and everyone comes out of hibernation.  Love!

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