Monday, April 28, 2014

eBay Mother's Day Collective: Radiant Necklace

This is the Radiant Necklace, the third part of our eBay Mother's Day Collective with Anu Raina.  It's a fun piece that is cheery and elegant and perfect to brighten up your day!  

This necklace makes me think of Spring vacations when it's not quite warm in Toronto, and you can escape to a beach on a tropical island.  I used to visit my friend in Bermuda annually, and I could spend hours standing in the clear waters staring out at the horizon, marveling at the perfect shade of turquoise water meeting the clear sky.  Something about the colours used in this necklace can bring right back there!

You can pick up this necklace from now until Mother's Day (May 11th) exclusively on eBay Canada.  It's priced at $70 and would make a perfect gift for Mom, or a treat for you or a friend!  Shipping in Canada is FREE!

(Photo credits:  Top - Mike Lewis, Bottom - Joseph Saraceno)

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