Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Springtime fun times

It's a dreary cold last day of April.  The rain/air pressure is making my head feel like it will explode, so let's put off spreadsheets and blog a little!  Thought I'd share some photos taken on the phone recently.  
Love tulips!
Shiny gold oxfords.
Tea time with the Glimmer Milk Glass Chain Necklace.  The colour was inspired by this vintage Pyrex saucer.
Clouds in the Toronto sky.
Meeting over coffee and donuts.
Aquarium visit with the nephew.
Jewels in progress.
Bakery pit stop.
Colourful Easter outing.
Leafless trees on Earth Day.
Planting greens with G.
Jewellery drop off at Sylvie and Shimmy.
Spring arrangements.
Sparkly bracelets including the Luminous Bracelet, part of the eBay Mother's Day Collective
Accidental selfie.
My good friend Sandra.
Toques in every colour option.
Favourite new shoes!
Words to live by.
Arm candy.
Fleurs with the eBay Mother's Day Collective Look Book.
New patio lanterns.  (Finger in photo - oops!)
Popcorn popped with coconut oil and sea salt.  The best.
Birthday season.  50 washi tape candles!
Bead shopping.

April has been busy and fun, but I'm hoping the weather will improve and that we'll have warmer days soon enough!  Can hardly believe it will be May tomorrow.  There are 11 Days left to get your hands on the eBay Mother's day Collective!  The auction for the special one of a kind necklace will begin on May 4th.  Pretty excited for the opportunity to raise some funds for Inspirations Studio.  I'll fill you in on details soon.  Think we will also introduce a little treat on our own site tomorrow.  Lots of goodness coming up!  Will keep you posted!  

Back to my accounting.  Have a lovely evening!



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