Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Badlands + Nature Walk

Good Friday is a day where I am often working at the One of a Kind Show or with family.  This time around I got to take a day trip with a friend.  We drove out to the Badlands and toured around in the sunshine for a bit.  Hard to believe these amazing mounds of clay heavy land are the results of poor farming practices.  Sad when you think of it that way, but are they ever stunning.
After the Badlands, we went on to visit the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park for a nice long hike/walk.  I don't get out of the big city enough.  Letting out a huge sigh of relief and feeling the calm just looking at photos from that day.  I remember when I lived in New York, I forgot about the sky until I was in a cab to the airport to leave.  You can get so caught up in city life, especially with tall buildings popping up at an alarmingly rapid rate here in Toronto, that you can forget to exhale.  Loved getting away even for a day and seeing the horizon and some nature, even if it's wilted post-Winter nature!  It was warm enough to shed the coats and layers we brought, but there were still remnants of ice and it was super muddy.  Kinda loved tromping around through it as the clouds rolled in.  I'm sure this is a lovely spot for an outing in the Summer. 

After working up a good appetite (more like reaching starvation point) we headed to Orangeville for some yummy Jamaican at Soulyve.  Refuelled on tasty jerk chicken and ribs before returning to the city with full bellies and coffees for the road!  Note to self:  Must remember to make more escapes out of the downtown core.

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