Friday, April 10, 2015

Joint Bangle and Column Bracelet

Photo by Joseph Saraceno
When I found these most amazing frosted vintage beads in New York, I didn't know what I would do with them, but was excited about them and brought them back with me.  They are a clear acrylic with a frosted finish and gold lined centres that make them glow from the inside.  I have spent some time in the past couple years dealing with some back and neck pain, which is thankfully now much improved, so when these pieces came together I thought the spine influenced names were perfect.

On the left is the Joint Bangle featuring the frosted beads and a shiny Swarovski crystal that slide freely on a brass bangle.

On the right is the Column Bracelet that showcases numerous frosted beads aligned along a heavy brass chain.  This bracelet is adjustable to any size.

Check them out in the online shop!

It's Friday afternoon and I am counting down to the weekend!  It's supposed to be warm and sunny here in Toronto and I for one can't wait!

Have a great one!



(Photo by Joseph Saraceno.)

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