Tuesday, July 21, 2015


After spending some days in Hong Kong, I joined my parents on a trip to my dad's dream destination, the Maldives!  I had seen so many stunning images of the place over the years that I was pretty excited to tag along!  It truly is beautiful there.  We only visited the small island, one of the almost 1200, that our resort was located on, but the water and white sand were absolutely incredible!
The island was lush and was beautifully landscaped and maintained.
Loved passing this arched banyan tree every day.
Sorry to post so many photos, but I found it hard to choose.  It was a small island that you could walk across it in about 10 minutes.  I felt like I was in a beach version of Smurf Village!  The water bungalows extended into the unbelievable turquoise waters.
Lounging on the deck of our water bungalow.  Not too shabby!  Before we got on the plane, the forecast was for 2 hours of sunshine over our 4 days.  After arriving in the darkness of night, we were pleasantly surprised to awake to bright sunshine and the most amazing colour of water I had ever seen.  So spoiled to have had direct access to warm clear waters just steps from our beds.  Besides meal times, we spent almost all of our time here, outside on the back deck of our bungalow,.
The moon was amazing and bright.
Fell asleep to the sound of the lightly lapping waves.
We had dinner here every night... got dark quite early so we couldn't see the water, but you could hear it!
Path to our water bungalow.
Some of the seating (or the bedding) at one of the restaurants.
Another killer sunset!
Complete with pink cotton candy clouds.

More sunset snaps!
Yes, same view... as I mentioned, we were pretty much planted in one spot for 4 days!
Gahhhhhh, so wish I was back there!
Loved all the foliage... and plants that we don't see in these parts!  Loved pink/green colour combo.
My Dad dipping his toes in.  Each bungalow was a semi, with two separate suites.  Never met our neighbours, but heard a lot of hysterical screaming in fear of the water!  Most other guests at the hotel were from China and spoke Mandarin, which I do not understand any of.  Must learn a few words one day!
Took my phone out in the water at low tide early in the morning.  Held it above my head with a death grip on it as I waded out gingerly.
On this afternoon the clouds rolled in quickly over minutes before it rained torrentially for the rest of the night.

Blew me away that the sky could be so dark and the water still so vibrant.
So many fish and sea creatures of all sorts... I have never swam in waters with so many surrounding me.  One of these big guys that were about 18 inches long nipped my thumb!  Brought a disposable underwater camera.  Still have to take it in to be developed!
Yes, more of the same!  I couldn't get enough!
Cloudy day.
Palm trees at dusk.  Glowing blue skies.
Frozen Bracelet in warm climate!
Such a peaceful moment to be out in the water, all by myself staring out at the horizon.  I could do that all day!

And quickly, four days in paradise wrapped up, and we flew back to the busy hub bub of Hong Kong.   Hong Kong Part II will be coming up!

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