Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hong Kong, part II

It's been a busy Summer and now as I browse these pictures, my memories of these experiences have already dimmed!  Glad I took so many photos!  Sorry for the delay in posting these.  Here are the photos from the second part of my Hong Kong travels.

Landing in HK after our Maldives break!
Pastel colours of Wan Chai.
Lovely little speciality shops. Stationery...
Entry way into the old days!
Interesting architecture.
A visit to Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens on a steamy hot and humid day.
Not the best idea.
Eyeballing the high end shops in Central.  This was the Fendi window.
Picking up souvenirs for the people back home!
You can find anything on the streets of HK.
Tutus, leis, and a giant yellow t-shirt with with Winnie the Pooh's face!?
The Peninsula Hotel, the oldest hotel in Hong Kong.  A reminder of the 1920's...
with a modern bar with padded walls at the top of it!
Favourite meal.  A simple and delicious bowl of lai fun with char siu (noodle soup with barbecue pork) at Tsui Hang Village.  Yum yum yum... could eat this now.
Love seeing the remnants of days gone by peeking thru all the modernity of the city.
Pretty floral soup pot turned plant container.
Alleyway juice spot. I favour these spots over the fancy trendy juice bars!
A taxi ride via winding roads.
Waterfront at Stanley.
Building and pier both painstakingly moved from Central to Stanley.
Above is Murray House and below is Blake Pier.
Stanley Market.
Lovey dovey speech bubbles, a version of love locks at the viewing deck of the shopping centre at Stanley.
Hot pot with my cousin and her family.  So good and so fun!
Korean grub at U-Hang on High Street.  Loved the decor.
At the horse races making picks based on jerseys!
A gai si, or wet market.
Tea shopping and tasting with Mom.
Dense green foliage amidst tall apartment buildings.
A three week trip was over before I knew it.  I didn't have any jet lag upon my return to Toronto, but it took me weeks to recover from the over eating and intense family time!  Now as I write this a couple months after the trip, I have witnessed a few more friends lose some very close loved ones. Reminds me how lucky I am to have two healthy parents that love to sidekick with me!  I am so  grateful to have been able to spend some quality time with fam especially in such exotic places!

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