Thursday, November 5, 2015

Unify Bracelets

(Photo by Joseph Saraceno.)
Things are super busy here! Feeling the crunch that hits me like a wall every year at this time! 

I have been busy building up stock for the Holiday season. Amongst creating many other things, I have spent hours this week making these Unify bracelets! It has been a sunny and unseasonably warm week here in Toronto, and I have loved it! The second Hallowe'en passes by, the Holiday campaigns launch everywhere and it seems that all I hear is Christmas jingles and flip past print ads. As per usual, this is the moment I realize how much still needs to be accomplished in the next few weeks. Bit of a conflicted feeling with the warm weather and Holiday buzz, but it kind of suits me just right! Love the bright sunshine. Seems to motivate a much higher level of production which is much needed right now! 
Found it so relaxing and almost meditative to make these Unify Bracelets. They look great on their own, stacked in a group, or mixed up with other pieces. Choose from 8 great colours! All are lovely! I had a hard time picking one for myself.

Later today we will be running the first of our One of a Kind Show ticket giveaways. Check our Facebook and Instagram feeds to enter!

Good night!

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