Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Art inspiration

Took a couple hours on a grey afternoon to roam around the AGO. It was the day before my membership was to expire, so being the last minute type, I felt the urge to take advantage and perhaps find some inspiration! Caught the Outsiders show which is the featured exhibit of American photography and film from the 50's to 80's. So many fascinating images that tell so many stories. Leisurely took my time to examine them. 
Here are some other highlights! Above is 'Man Changing into Thunderbird' by Norval Morriseau.

On every visit to the gallery, I make sure to pass through the rooms housing the Group of Seven to see my favourite pieces -- these two small works depicting the 'Northern Lights' by Tom Thomson. I have never seen the northern lights in real life and it has been on my to do list. I don't want to use the term bucket list. I once looked at these and had a magical dream from the night before flood back and was seemingly whisked away into another world. Love looking at the brush strokes and handling of these. Stood here for several minutes in quiet contemplation.
'Shaman Muscox' by Manasie Akpaliapik charmed me. These carvings discuss the vulnerabilities and social ills of the communities of the artist's Arctic homeland.
Aimlessly wandered through Song Dong's 'Communal Courtyard' at the same time as a sweet little toddler excitedly getting lost with her mom. Love the curiosity and innocence of the very young!
Snuff bottles in the most lovely colours.
A quiet moment with 'York Factory (Sketch) VI' by Frank Stella.

Left feeling inspired and relaxed. A perfect brief retreat in the heart of the city!

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