Monday, January 9, 2017

National Sunday Supper Day

My family and I spend more time together than most families. Sometimes it's a lot (too much) but my family is very involved in each other's lives. Even if we have caught up during the week, we have always gathered for Sunday Family Dinner. We have done this for my whole adult life. When my Grandpa was still around, we would meet every Sunday at the same time, same table, at the same restaurant. The resto staff would hold table 1 for Old Mr. S. and pretty much boot people out of the table if they were not finished their meal before our arrival. He was one of my favourite humans ever, and I think people generally took to him. Every where we went, he would be saluted by someone he knew. We loved our Sunday dinners with our Gung Gung. After he passed in 2004, we have kept up with our Sunday dinners. We go to different places most times now and sometimes we cant make it, but it's still such a nice family tradition. This morning I heard that it was National Sunday Supper Day, a day to encourage families to sit down for a meal together. This was a national-made-up-holiday that was easy to get behind for our family! This was our meal today. 

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