Sunday, April 12, 2009

Around the city

Yesterday I went to St. Lawrence Market and ate some yummies and checked out all the delish looking market goodies.  I have not been to the market in a while...  I really should take better advantage of it! Maybe I would cook more!  I am slowly expanding my repertoire over the years, but I still find that I get on one or two dishes and make them all the time.
Thought these colourful carrots 'n veggies looked so nice!  I like to take random photos all the time so now I can finally do something with them now that I have a blog!

Then later in the day C and I went to the Toronto FC game.  It looked like a nice sunny day, but we froze in the shade.  Toronto played Dallas.  We were in the lead for most of the game and Dallas came back and tied things up in the last few minutes.  TFC games are fun though!

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