Friday, April 24, 2009

New goods at Heidi-Ho2!

Here is the lovely store front at Heidi-Ho2.  The shop is located at 2591 Yonge St. here in Toronto.  That's on Yonge between Lawrence and Eglinton.  Heidi has the store stocked with lots of cute accessories and clothing.  Drop by if you are in the 'hood.  Here are some snaps of some of the goods I just dropped off.  Get over there and get yourself some!

Huge Rox Hair Pins on a sweet birdy stand

Lots of earrings of all sorts.

Floating Heart Necklaces, Treasure Charm Necklaces and Large Locket Necklaces on a great stand that Heidi's husband Steven built. Go to Front Design see more of Steven's work.

Have a nice weekend folks!

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