Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend whirlwind

This weekend is quickly coming to a close.  I'll have to post quickly as I am soon off to my traditional family dinner with my Aunt L.  It started many years ago with a Sunday dinner where we'd dine at the same time, same restaurant, same table with my grandfather, mom, aunt and sister. In a couple weeks it'll be 5 years since my cute Grandpa passed away, but we have made sure to keep up with Sunday dinners!  

Anyhow, here are some pictures of the colours and sites of the weekend.  It was a weekend that involved organizing, cleaning, making a mess, making new things, making websites, making no food whatsoever, driving around, driving range, visiting the MADE show at the Gladstone Hotel, pizza slices, hot weather and sunshine, bike riding, first real summer-like patio drinks with good friends, cold weather, gale force winds, tumble weeds, fresh salsa and chips, massive thunderstorms and dark skies, lots of capers, Bunz' birthday party, buying a wee BBQ, and some other stuff that I am sure I am forgetting...  ahhh...  Spring is finally here!View from the patio at Amadeus in Kensington Market.

My new green BBQ that looks like a UFO that just landed.  Think it is very much not allowed according to condo rules, but it is too cute!

My chives and peonies are surfacing on the balcony!

Lots of pashmina scarves.  Apparently one can never have enough.

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