Sunday, August 30, 2009


WHY is it so COLD outside??? My dashboard says it's 13 degrees right now. Don't they know it's not October yet? I saw people out in leather jackets, hats and even gloves today. It is WAY too early for this kind of ridiculousness! It had better warm up in the days to come.
I had a lovely brunch at the Senator this morning with the C. sisters. I loved transporting to another time in the charming resto. Also, I had not had a chance to go for brunch in months, so it was extra good! Plus because it was so COLD, it was nice to huddle indoors in a cozy booth and fill ourselves with good eats.

Then we wandered over the the Live Green Toronto Festival all along the side of the Eaton Centre and in Dundas Square. There were lots of great eco-friendly vendors. I picked up a couple water bottles. The glass bottle is pretty smart. It's called Tap Water Bottle and has a cute blurb on it. My Mom and Aunt L. were looking for small glass bottles as they are weary of the metal and plastic ones. I'll see who gets it in the end... Chose the smaller of two sizes as the ladies like the smaller bottles to reduce weight. Hope they don't read this! There's lots of info on the virtues of tap water on their website. The blue one was a freebie from the City of Toronto Environment Office! How nice! It says fill with Toronto's quality tap water.
I also picked up this re-usable lunch bag. They let me decorate it even though it was a kids activity area. I plan on passing it along to a kid. Drew a funny drawing of a smiling piece of bread with blueberry eyes on the flip-side.

The Festival was great -- lots of info on green or sustainable food/fashion/housewares/etc. and live music too. I'll have to remember to check it out again next year!

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