Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Collingwood getaway

Here's some of that frivolity I spoke of earlier. I am so grateful for being afforded these luxuries when so much devastation is happening in Japan.
I went up to Collingwood with G. and N. on the weekend and enjoyed a relaxing getaway. Since I live smack downtown, I rarely get to see a tree, let alone snow that isn't brown with dirt sprayed by passing cars. Kind of sad, now that I think about it! So, don't mind all these photos... I was loving the peaceful quiet up north and having the fluffy fresh snow to kick around. Both mornings, my friends went skiing and I went for walks. So nice!
Saturday afternoon, we poked around town... Got some yummies at Heavenly Sweets Cafe,
and checked out the refurbished and environmentally sustainable historical building, the Tremont House. It's now occupied by light-filled artists' studios, an art school, apartments and a beautiful café. Plus it has a green roof!
Then G. and I spent several hours indulging in total relaxation at La Scandinave. Please excuse this poor photo. It does not do the place any justice. We floated from hot bath or eucalyptus infused steam room to brief cold dips and then onto the zen state of the relaxation rooms. All this amongst the pretty snow covered trees while fresh snow continued to fall. Seemed odd to have so much of the white stuff when there is not a speck just a couple hours away here in Toronto. Several cycles in the Scandinavian baths and much later, we were retrieved by N. and brought back to the house for a delicious dinner.
Ok, now here are many more snow blanketed shots from my invigorating walk the next morning. It was gorgeous out! So tranquil. It doesn't take much to please me! I was trying to breathe the fresh air in as deeply as possible...
We ate loads of the most delicious citrus any of us have ever had! Ok... maybe just in recent memory... Loved the colours and snapped a picture. It was an all-round chilled out couple of days. Felt like a mini-vacation! Just what I needed! I was thinking of taking a pre-One of a Kind Show holiday, but forgot it was March Break for many, so it wasn't the best time to go. Perhaps next month! Now it's back to the pre-Show mania! Thanks so much to G. and N. for a lovely weekend!

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